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We invite you to join the courses for learning some of the most wanted specializations – java, iOS or Android! Are you considering a change of career? Ready for a new challenge to learn IT and start developing your international career? Then you are welcome to make a choice from the aforementioned 3 fields and join us for the course!

You can find the large number of online courses in programming. However, online learning is not always efficient. Nothing can substitute personal communication. We invite you to a course, which will consist of 3 partnered – online pre-courses, 1-week residential training and an online post-course. This combination allows the course to be designed in with the maximum effectiveness.

The course is designed for beginners who do not have IT-background but want to learn the basics of java, iOS or Android.

The course is organized by Stichting Libertas International (Utrecht, the Netherlands) and aims to create specialists who could then apply their new knowledge and skills in the European market. All participants will be provided with a free consultation with a recruiter to advise them on the best way of looking for a job in their new field.

If you want to start a new career as a java, iOS or Android developer and ready for the challenge – we would be happy to welcome you on one of our courses!