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Accommodation will be provided in the student residency of the university.

The Course will take place in Amsterdam or the Hague. Shortly we will know for sure and we will post that information here.

Previously we already had courses in both cities and we can assure you – they both are highly international and great locations for English language course!

Despite of the choice of the city please note the Netherlands is a very small country and you can easily travel within the country during your free time. To give an idea about the distances – there is 45 min train ride between the Hague and Amsterdam. The biggest airport of the Netherlands – Schiphol – is only 15 min train ride from the city center of Amsterdam and half an hour – from the Hague!

Besides actual classes we will offer an additional social program – we will meet people, visit organizations, conduct seminars on various topics. Both cities offer great variety for additional activities. The Hague is one of the international centers for UN and other international institutions. You will find here the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Tribunal, International Organization for Migration and a lot of other UN-related and other international organizations.

We will post here shortly in which city the course will take place and provide further information about the city!