The Netherlands School for Innovative Education is the educational institution based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. However, we organize our programs in Amsterdam, Moscow, Vienna and other cities. We organize topics on broad range of topics focusing on business and personal development. We offer educational programs on project management, marketing and other areas of business as well as we conduct trainings on personal effectiveness, development of communicational skills and other competences which could be useful for a person.

We believe nowadays the development of soft skills is as important as the professional knowledge in the particular field. And that is why we offer a number of programs to develop various areas of soft skills – to improve leadership skills, group work and others.

Our courses are based on the programs taught in the worlds leading business schools. We take the best from their programs and try to fit in in one or two weeks offering intensive educational programs. In this way we make quality education accessible for those who do not have opportunity to follow a long-term course at the business school.

We use the most advanced teaching materials which provide up to date knowledge. We design the programs in the way that they will be useful and understandable as for people with some prior experience in the field as well as for people who never worked within the particular field before.

In the époque of massive digitalization in nearly all the fields of life including education, online programs still cannot fully substitute personal communication.  Learning process within the group with a tutor is still much more effective than even the best online courses. For that reason even online courses that we offer have the element of communication with a tutor (via online methods).

The Netherlands School for Innovative Education offers the up to date innovative educational programs for participants from all over the world! Join our courses and become the driving force of innovation in your region!