We are organizing “Tourism in Moscow” trips regularly!
The dates of coming trips are:
22 – 27 October 2017

3-10 December, 2017
However, if none of the suggested dates is suitable for you – you can email us and
indicate the dates that would be convenient for you. And as soon as we have 6
people who would be interested in the trip on the same date – we will organize a
trip for that date!
At the same time – if you have few friends who might be interested in traveling
to Moscow together – please email us together! If you are a group of 6 or more
people – you can suggest any date of the trip and we will organize it for you on
the date that you choose (almost any dates are possible). Please note – our
standard trip is 1-week long – from Sunday to Sunday. But we can be flexible if
you have other preferences.
If you would like to have an individual trip – for groups from 2 to 4 people – you
are welcome to propose the date when you would like to travel to Moscow.