Marketing&SEO Course


Good marketing is key to the success for any organization! But what is good marketing and how do you implement it within your organization? We invite you to join our course on Marketing&SEO which will answer these questions for you!

The Course will take place from 20th to 27th August 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

We invite you to the course on Marketing&SEO which will allow you to understand how marketing works within an organization and what are the keys for successful marketing. You will also learn what SEO - Search Engine Optimization – is and how to make your projects easy found on Google!

How to design projects which will be attractive for a large number of people? How to develop a product which will become popular? Good understanding of marketing can give answers to these questions!

Within our one-week course we will offer you an intensive learning experience which will focus on main concepts within the field of marketing and will give you a good ground to continue further education if you would like to deepen your subject knowledge.

The course is based on the programs taught in the leading business schools within the courses of marketing and digital marketing. We have adjusted the program to make it interesting and understandable for participants with prior experience in marketing as well as to participants without any experience.
The course could be useful for people who are already working and would like to develop their knowledge and skills in marketing as well as to recent graduates who do not have any experience in marketing and would like to learn the foundations of marketing in order to specialize in the field in future. The course is organized by the Netherlands School for Innovative Education. After the course participants will receive the certificate of attendance issued by the School.