Project Management for Youth Organizations


We invite you to join the course on Project Management for Youth Organizations which will be held in Moscow from 29th October till 5th November 2017!

During the course participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of project management. They will learn how to write a project charter, how to determine project objectives, and how to assess risks. They will be introduced to the theory of budgeting. In addition to fundamentals of project management participants will have sessions on how to prepare a high-quality business plan, business model canvases will be introduced.

The course is designed for workers of youth organisations, who would like to improve their project management skills. After the course you will understand better how to design projects and implement them at the highest level.
Workers of youth organisations with experience in implementing projects are invited to the course, as well as young people who have never designed own projects but would like to start.

The course will provide the necessary tools and knowledge on how to design projects and implement plans. If you have never implemented your own projects but would like to get started – this course is definitely for you!
The course will take place in Moscow! In addition to the actual content of the course the participants will have the time and opportunity to visit the city centre and see Red Square, Kremlin and other famous places!

At the end of the course participants will be provided with certificates confirming attendance of the course on project management.

If you always wanted to create your own projects – to organize international trainings, seminars or do any other projects – but did not know how to start – this course is for you!

See you in...Moscow!