Public Speaking (Acting) Course


Public speaking is one of the most important qualities for a youth worker, youth trainer and generally – any person who communicates a lot with people in his or her work! We invite you to join Public Speaking (Acting) Training Course where you will improve your public speaking skills!

Good speaking is your most enduring skill. That’s especially important for youth workers who have to communicate with people a lot and particularly – with young people trying to motivate and inspire them!

We invite you to join the training course on Public Speaking (Acting) which is designed for youth workers who want to develop their public speaking skills, improve their acting abilities. Youth workers will learn new tools which are essential for successful youth work.

The course will take place from 10th till 17th December 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

You will learn how to motivate the audiences with solid arguments and moving language. You will learn how to build the speech to make sure you will be able to deliver the message you want! You will find the ways to build the arguments in a way that will be able to support your point stronger. In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative.  Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit, pitching a business proposal, or suggesting a change to company policy, you are making arguments. During this course you will learn how to build the arguments which will help you to reach your aims!

The most memorable speeches inspire, entertain, and praise. By blending stories and eloquence, great speeches highlight the core values motivating an audience. But how to design and deliver those speeches?! Or how to influence people in your speech and make them your supporters? You will learn that during a course!

How to prepare presentations? Youth workers often need to present – the projects, the ideas etc. This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective  presentations. How to deliver the presentation which will leave your opponents speechless?! You will learn it during the course!

The learners during the course will design, practice, and receive feedback on speeches that they can use in their professional lives.

The course is designed for youth workers including youth trainers. The course will be especially useful for those youth workers who are considering to become a trainer in future or already conducting trainings but do not have enough experience yet.

Public speaking is an important skill for a youth worker! Youth workers need to deliver the speech to donors, prepare presentations. They need to be able to deliver inspiring presentations to youth they are working with! Public speaking skills are already present in any person – some people have it more developed and some others – less. At the same time – it is the skill that you can improve if you work on it. If you know some tools, some technics and “tricks” – you can become much better public speaker than before! We invite you to the course where you will learn those tools, technics and “tricks”!

The training course is designed by the Netherlands Institute of Business. Participants who will complete the course will receive the certificates from the Netherlands Institute of Business.

Join us if you would like to improve your public speaking skills and deliver the mind-blowing presentations!