Motivation Letter Tips

Do not know where to start writing your motivation letter? Do not know how to make your letter catchier? Here you will find important tips and leading questions to write a strong and competitive motivation letter for your application profile.


Find Your Scholarship!

Dreaming about studying in the Netherlands? Do you think that it is too expensive and you cannot afford it? We collect for you detailed information about different types of financial support in the Netherlands: where to find scholarships and how to get them!



Scholarships from the Universities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small but very international country! Good news for international students who would like to study in the Netherlands is that almost all Master programs are taught in English!

How to Stay in the Netherlands after Graduation

The Netherlands give you a chance to extend your stay in the country after graduation! What are the ways to stay in the country after you get a degree? Read here!

Resources for Online Education

Online education is booming. There are many reasons to study online. Common reasons are convenience and accessibility, scheduling flexibility and accelerated courses. It the chance to continue in their careers and personal duties while earning their degrees.

 International Opportunities for Youth

Discover the list of opportunities for youth from all over the world. Here you can find different organisations which can help you to find an internship, job, education program, fellowship and ect. across the world!