Regional Agents

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The Netherlands Education group specializes in organizing short-term courses in the field of business, personal development and learning the languages. We offer quality programs that help students and professionals to accelerate and reach their full potential. Here you can see the list of some of our programs.

Individuals who would be interested in our programs and could greatly benefit from them cannot always easily find the information on our courses. And for that reason, we are looking for Regional Agents. The role of the Regional Agents is to spread the information about our courses among people who might be interested in participation and invite them to join the programs.

We are looking for active individuals from various countries who could represent our courses in their countries and spread information about our programs.

We are inviting applicants from any countries to become a Regional Agent. At the same time, Regional Agent can work not only in own country but also look for participants for our courses from any other countries.

Regional Agents are asked to spread the information about our existing programs and invite participants to join. At the same time for every group of 5 or more participants, we can offer tailor-made courses on the chosen date. Regional Agents also can look for 5 or more people who would be interested in the same topic and we would organize a tailor-made course for them.

In other words, we are looking for Regional Agents who could spread information about our courses and find participants who would be interested in joining the courses.

Requirements for Regional Agents:

  • Good command of English
  • Broad network that can be used for spreading the information
  • Understanding of the nature of our programs and our target group

Tasks of the Regional Agents:

  • Spread the information about our courses
  • Consult interested individuals on our courses
  • Invite people to join our programs

What we offer to Regional Agents:

Generous financial benefits for every person who joins any of the programs

How to apply? Please, send your CV to and indicate ‘Regional Agent’ as a subject.