We organize youth programs form 2009! Since then a large number of young people from all over the world participated in our events! The best way to get an idea on how our events are happening is to check the photos in our facebook group –

They talk for us better than any reviews!

And for those who like to read actual reviews – below are some from the participants of our previous projects!


‘I was one of the participants of the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop and I have to admit that it was a very good experience of intercultural exchange. With the other participants we have spent a few days in Amsterdam and we were visiting many places that are combined with entrepreneurial spirit. Some of them were co-working spaces or we have even visited the municipality of the city where we received information on possible cooperation between the city of Amsterdam and start-ups. In general I recommend the workshop organized by the Netherlands Education Group, since it was a very fruitful experience that contributed to my development as a young entrepreneur’. 

Anna Dominiak, MBA (Poland)


‘I don’t know where to start it’s hard to explain by words this experience, an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Everything, every session, every task, every moment was above my expectations, it was perfect. From the moment of check-in the warm welcome by organizers through the sessions that will shape me as a person to a warm goodbye check out.

Being honest, I entered this training as an ordinary 16 yrs old with a few experiences but ended this gaining experience and shaping my personality, my mind but mostly my vision got introduced with some good life skills and concepts. And for this I need to thank my coaches and my best supervisor for helping me in every case.

At the end I would like to thanks organizers for helping me understanding and for having an answer to all of my concerns before training.

Thank you for helping me develop and if I become leader one day for sure you are the ones that gave me the first steps of leadership’.

Erin Gashi (Kosovo)


‘Fantastic course with great cohesive structure with lots of excellent tips and hints! The trainer was very knowledgeable and experienced, made us feel at ease to practice communicating. He provoked questions and was able to answer all of them.

Cosy, friendly and comfortable atmosphere was good for work and relaxation. Delicious food- traditional Russian cuisine, well-organized free time activities. Everything made us, the participants, feel fantastic’.

Yuliyana Nutsolova (Bulgaria)