Russian Language Course in Moscow


We invite people who are interested in learning the Russian language to join a 2-week intensive Russian language course in Moscow!

The course is meant for learners who already know basics of Russian language and have a level of at least A1-A2.
During the course you will have the opportunity to improve your Russian language skills, to meet other fellow learners from different countries and experience a slice of real Russia!

The course will take part from 1 to 15 October 2017!

You will spend two weeks in Moscow – one of the biggest cities in the world! In addition to Russian language classes you will have the chance to visit the city, see the Red Square, Kremlin and other beautiful places!

This particular Russian language course is meant for people who are interested in improving their skills in the Russian language. The course will help you to significantly imrpove your speaking skills as well as will help you to understand grammar better.

Moreover, during the course you’ll have enough opportunities to be a tourist in Moscow and see the most famous tourist attractions!

Join us for two weeks in Moscow! Receive an unforgettable experience! See you in...Moscow!