Start YOUR Project!


You have participated in a number of youth project and think it’s time to design your own?! Then we invite you to the course where we will teach you how to start your project!

We invite you to join the course “Start YOUR Project” which is designed for youth leaders and youth workers who would like to start their own projects. You will learn how to develop a program, how to write the application for funding, how to organize a project and a lot more! The course will let you to understand how to start developing your own projects.

Youth projects seem to be fun! Great time with peers from other countries during few days! However, that few days long activity that you see is only the top of the iceberg! Any youth project has significant amount of preparation work executed beforehand! During the course “Start YOUR Project” you will learn which kind of work it is – what you need to keep in mind before starting any project.

The course “Start YOUR Project” will give you clear ideas on the steps needed for designing and implementing a youth project – where you need to start, what you need to do in order to have a successful project.

The course is designed for youth leaders and youth workers who have little or do not have any experience in implementing own projects.

If you would like to start developing and implementing your own youth projects – this course will provide you necessary knowledge and skills in this field. You will get the clear idea on how to start and which steps are necessary in order to prepare a good project!

European youth projects – particularly Erasmus+ - are great sources for funding for youth projects. However, there are a lot of other ways where you can find funds. We will discuss European youth programs as well as other sources where one can apply for funding for a youth project.

The course will focus on the development of youth projects within youth programs (mainly – European youth programs) but the application of learning outcomes is not limited by youth projects. The skills and knowledge that you will receive during the course can be successfully applied in other fields in your future professional career. Whatever your future job will be – designing projects is a useful skill which you can use in nearly any field.

If you always wanted to make your own projects but didn’t know how to start – this course is for you!