We invite you to join the Study&Travel program in Moscow!

What is the Study&Travel in Moscow? The Study&Travel in Moscow is the program designed by the Netherlands Institute of Business which allows young people – students and recent graduates to visit Moscow to learn skills and knowledge that might be useful in their future profession as well as visit touristy places of the city and enjoy Moscow!

The Study&Travel in Moscow program is 1-week course which includes the lectures, the visits to the organizations and the touristy activities. The dates are flexible. The first program will be held between 18th and 25th of March, 2018.

The Study&Travel in Moscow is the program for future leaders who want to gain international experience and be prepared for running global businesses! During the program you will visit Moscow – one of the largest cities in the world! One of the largest business centers of the planet! You will raise your awareness about global business as well as will learn more about Russia!

One of the most popular critics for modern universities and the modern education in general is the lack of connection with actual practice! You learn a lot at university, you know a lot about how the things should be done. But often graduating even from the best school you do not know how the things are actually done in the companies! You lack the knowledge about the actual state of the business and the soft skills that might be needed in order to succeed at working place and become a global leader! We invite you to join the program which will fulfill this demand!

Though the program is organized in Moscow, it will aim on preparing the international global leaders! Of course you will learn about Russia and the business in Russia but the aim of the program is to introduce the global business and leadership! The reason we organize the program in Moscow is that it is a very special city on the crossroads of West and East. It gives a good idea of how globalization works! You will see the city with the most modern skyscrapers and still a lot of poverty which is easily noticeable. You will find talented open-minded youth and still – the political regime which is far from democracy! Moscow is the city of contrasts! It gives….a bit of everything! That is why we are convinced that this is the best place to learn how to become a global leader!

The best way to prepare yourself for the professional career is to experience it! This trip will allow you to visit companies, to see how the work is done in actual companies!

The program is organized by the Netherlands Institute of Business. All participants will be provided the certificate from the Netherlands Institute of Business confirming the participation in the program.