Automotive lubricants, brake fluids and other petroleum products

Blanko Oil Limited work with cassava out-growers to grow improved raw materials which would give better outputs. This is hugely influenced by the company’s envisaged innovative processes through the usage of improved planting materials to achieve quality output that meets its starch requirement. Blanko Oil limited is competing at the level of product quality.

Over the next years the company plans to produce its product range to include ethanol and sanitizers for the local and international markets and to meet the industrial needs of customers. These products would be produced to meet the demand requirement and needs of the buyers. And hence would need to be produced to a quality that captures a substantial and sustainable market. Branding the Sanitizers using attractive and protective packaging materials into different packaged sizes can serve every segment of the target market. We shall use customer research to enhance or improve quality of our products. Blanko Oil will also highlight the unique selling proposition of each product to help differentiate product from others on the market.