The aim of people who are interested in MBA studies is usually advancing their career! Does MBA really help with it? Yes, but it does not happen automatically. In addition to the paper about your new studies you shave to be ready to take a number of steps like applying to jobs, contacting recruiters, preparing an effective CV, pass the interview and etc. How to do this all? We will teach you!

We offer the free job counselling to students of our MBA programs. During these consultations you will learn:

How to prepare an effective CV? The one should include the information that allows a potential employer to distinguish you from other candidates. You have to write the achievements you have made at your previous work. Do not include only the tasks you have implemented. We help a student to design the CV which allows to highlight the strongest traits and professional skills of each candidate.

How to prepare a strong and memorable cover letter? Cover letter is different from the motivation letter for submission to the university. Cover letter has to include what you can bring to the company, you should highlight what differs you from the other candidates and convince the company to hire you. Together with each student we discuss how his or her motivation letter has to be look like to get a dream job.

The features of the chosen labor market. Our programs aim to prepare the professionals for European labor market with the emphasis on the labor marker in the Netherlands. We share information about job search features.

And a lot more! During free individual consultation you learn a lot of tips&tricks that can help you to find a dream job!

MBA is definitely a booster for your career! In order to make sure that you are able to realise its full potential we provide you an individual career consultation. The consultation aims giving you the knowledge and tools needed for developing your career in chosen direction.