Internship for Students in the Netherlands


* The position is for students who are legal residents of the Netherlands Internship opportunity for students in the Netherlands who want to create large professional network, improve organizational skills, meet great people and get international experience! This is a great opportunity to work and learn a lot about the field of international education. If … Read more

Intern on the Month! February 2022

Ryad Alselwi-february-22

Welcome Intern of the Month – Ryad Alselwi! Ryad Alselwi has been a trainee with our company since August 2021. He has successfully completed the first stage of the Internship and was invited to Amsterdam for 3 months (he is currently in the process of obtaining a visa). He lives in Yemen and received his … Read more

Administrator in Amsterdam


We are the Netherlands Education Group. We organize study programs in the field of business and personal development. We invite an Administrator to our Training Center in Amsterdam. Our training center is a house of about 92 sq m where participants of our programs live. You will live in a training center and help with … Read more

Intern on the Month! January 2022

Intern of the Month January 2022

Welcome Intern of the Month – Oumaima Achoua! Oumaima currently is a graduate of the Master in Logistics and Strategy Management at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Legal Sciences Tetouan and she is looking for an opportunity where she can use her full skills. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English and already … Read more

Intern on the Month! December 2021


Welcome Intern of the Month – Hadeel Abdullah Gafer! Hadeel Abdullah Gafer is a motivated woman from Saudi Arabia with a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in management information systems. During her studies, she focused on acquiring a good balance between technical and managerial skills. Hadeel Abdullah Gafer gained knowledge in quantitative methods of … Read more

Intern on the Month! November 2021


Welcome Intern of the Month – Dalia Salah Mostufa Khatab! Dalia Salah was graduated from Banha University in summer 2021 and now she is a veterinarian. For a long time, she has had a passion to complete her study abroad, to get new knowledge, exchange experience, and find new ways of solving problems. During her … Read more

Intern on the Month! October 2021

Welcome Intern of the Month – Noura Boussaa! We want to introduce you to one of the best interns of our company and tell her success story! Noura Boussaa has been working as an intern in our company since June 14, 2019. And she is one of those interns who successfully completed distance step of … Read more

Country Director

Country Director Opportunity

The Netherlands Education Group is an educational institution that offers short-term courses in the field of business and personal development. We organize study visits to United Nations and other international organizations. We offer the programs of business incubators to individuals who want to start their start-up in the Netherlands. We offer MBA and other study … Read more

Intern on the Month! September 2021

Nour Hatem Mohamed

Welcome Intern of the Month – Nour Hatem Mohamed! Nour Hatem Mohamed is 21 years old. He is from Egypt. Nour is an orthopedic technician and works as an assistant to an orthopedic surgeon. He has a lot of diplomas, certificates, and big potential. During his fellowship (5 months of work), he showed the best … Read more