Finding a Job in the Netherlands


You want to find a job in the Netherlands but…  Do you want to find a job in the Netherlands but don’t know where to start? We can help! If you come from abroad it might be challenging to navigate in a Dutch labor market. Where to look for vacancies? What are the fields where … Read more

Professional Internship in Amsterdam

Internship in Amsterdam

Do you want to obtain international experience and spend 3 months in one of the most amazing cities in the world – Amsterdam? Then we invite you for a 3-month professional internship within the company in Amsterdam! During this period, you will be working in your professional area and getting new experience. Professional Internship in … Read more

Start-up Visa

Do you have an idea of a start-up? The Netherlands offers a 1-year start-up visa that allows you to travel to the Netherlands, stay here for one year and work on your start-up. In case of your project’s success, your stay can be prolonged, and you can continue staying in the Netherlands! Come to the … Read more

Business in The Netherlands

Advantages of having business in the Netherlands What we offer Our Prices Visas & Migration to the Netherlands Contact Us Do you want to launch your start-up in The Netherlands? Or you already have a local business in your country and want to open and develop a branch in the Netherlands? So you are in … Read more