Japheth Omondi Aseko

Japheth Aseko

Japheth Omondi Aseko GIS and Remote Sensing Consultancy Company This will be tasked in the following areas: Environmental Impact Analysis Cartographic work Land Cover, land use map Environmental monitoring works Lecturing work in various environmental and Ecology departments Training of government agencies on matters of environment Steps: Purchasing high speed computers and GIS and Remote … Read more

Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu


Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu Pinky’s Blog I actually started my business – Pinky’s Blog about two years ago but seek more international presence for my business. I will love to develop my business further in the Netherlands. This is the website I built on my own for my business, PinkysBlog.org. You can view it and see my … Read more

Hiya Story

Hiya Story Samah Gacem / Tamkeen Organization Although both men and women in Algeria face high levels of unemployment, particularly in the midst of a weakened economy, women have only a percentage of 17,01 of participation in the labor force (The World Bank 2019), and the situation is more worse for young women in the … Read more

Rachad Abou Salhab Aboultaif


Rachad Abou Salhab Aboultaif Traki Garment IDEA        The main ideas are to combats climate change, save and protects precious water, helps a lot of farmers to feed their families, eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides, give control to farmers not GM companies and give opportunities for youth and women in Cairo and Alexandria                                                                                                                                                                   GOAL      Traki garment is … Read more

Mukhtar Eltayeb

Mukhtar Eltayeb

Mukhtar Eltayeb Automatic system for slaughtering and dressing Mukhtar Eltayeb has a vegetable, fruit and meat cutting machine with a range of flexible options.  The machine is now being scaled up to a larger production line.There are two slaughtering lines: a large machine where cattle go in and are cut up into pieces and a fruit and … Read more

NutsCoc Ice Cream


NutsCoc Healthy Ice-Cream The project is engage into providing a product with pure ingredients at a reasonable price. Its mission is to make and serve a delicious and healthy product such as the “NutsCoc Ice cream” as a delicacy offering alternative solutions to human health care needs. The NutsCoc Ice cream envisions itself as one … Read more

Saad Ahmed Abdullah

Saad Ahmed Abdullah Gents Salon : The men’s salon project The men’s salon project is considered one of the most profitable projects in the afterlife, especially after the spread of fashion and beauty sessions and the desire of young people to appear as movie stars and their role models from football players, artists, singers and … Read more

Clothing line Pwears

Clothing Store

Pwears Online clothing brand The name of the project start-up idea is taken from the personality to demonstrate selling cloths, the first letter “P” comes from pretty, which is something every female would loves to feel wearing her favorite outfit. So, the personality is a very important aspect in choosing any project name, and it … Read more


BLANKO OIL LIMITED Automotive lubricants, brake fluids and other petroleum products Blanko Oil Limited work with cassava out-growers to grow improved raw materials which would give better outputs. This is hugely influenced by the company’s envisaged innovative processes through the usage of improved planting materials to achieve quality output that meets its starch requirement. Blanko … Read more

Sneha Jadhav

Sneha Jadhav Sneha is developing her own project which is called MIND TALK Sneha Jadhav from India has more than 10 years experience of working in banking, and now she is developing her own project which is called MIND TALK. MIND TALK is all about understanding the psychological needs of people and support through various … Read more