Online MBA

The Netherlands Education Group offers you online MBA program! The studies allows you to get the knowledge and skills that are essential for the development of successful international career!

Our program is designed by professionals who are familiar with business and academic world. We designed the program that allows you to learn the foundations of business administration.

Taking into account the rapid speed of the development of the world today we are continuously working on including in the program the most modern materials. We offer up to date knowledge that will allow you to become a global leader of tomorrow!

Education process

How the educational process is organized? The program we offer is online. And that means that the education is happening remotely. A student is doing studies from his/her home or any other place. So how the process is organized?

A student will receive study materials for each subject. He/she studies those materials and need to prepare the assignments for each course. The assignments are diverse – it should be writing an essay, preparing a small research, working on the problem of the company and offering the solution etc. Then the student will need to send the assignment to the tutor within the given deadline. A tutor will check the assignment and provide a grade and a feedback. As tutors we employ the professors of universities, MBA-graduates, professionals of the company. Our tutors are experienced specialists in the chosen field. Though the program is online, the participants will receive for all assignments actual feedback prepared by the specialist in the particular field.


The program consist on 4 elements:

  • Theoretical Course
  • Practical Course
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Development
  • Personalized Learning

Theoretical Course

The course will consist on the following blocks:

International Business This is a broad block which will include some more general topics – introduction into the course and overview of international business field – as well as more specific – foundations of managerial economics and managerial finance, other aspects of international business.

Within this block you will learn practical aspects needed in order to understand international business. This block will provide you knowledge and develop skills which will be useful for those who want to work further in the field of international business.

Project Management This block is based on PMP (project management professionals) methodology. The participants will be introduced the foundations of project management methods which allow to design and implement projects in the most professional way.

In addition to traditional project management methods the participants will learn foundations of the following tools: lean six sigma, agile and scrum. These tools are widely used in most advanced companies. The participants will learn what about these methodologies are and how they can be used in order to improve the quality of work within the organization.

Marketing & Strategy In this block participants will learn the foundation of the marketing and strategy at the organization.

It is not enough just to   offer a good product or provide an outstanding service. You need to have good marketing if you want your product or service be sold! This course will provide you the knowledge needed for building such marketing! Within the block on the marketing the participants will learn the foundation of the theory of marketing. A large attention will be given to the topic of digital marketing – how to use online tools in order to advance the organization. The participants will learn about SEO (search engine optimization) and the ways how it could be used to make the website of the organization easier searchable in Google.

Within the strategy part the participants will learn how to design and implement the strategy within the organization. They will learn what are the key success factors for the strategy, how to align the structure and the activities of the organization to the strategic planning. Good strategy is the key for the success of the organization. But in order to design and implement that strategy a person needs to have some knowledge which will facilitate that process. Within this course you will get that knowledge!

Good specialists on marketing&strategy are in high demand on the labor market. This block will definitely advance your knowledge within the topic and make you a good candidate!

International Communication International communication is a very important aspect of international business today. Without effective communication with your colleagues and partners you cannot build successful business. Within this block you will learn about the differences and similarities in communicational strategies within different cultures. You will understand how to communication with partners from other countries. You will raise your awareness about the communicational technologies in international business.

Moreover, within this course you will learn how to design speech, develop the arguments and express yourself in a professional way. This knowledge and skills will allow you to lead the discussions in the way where your arguments will be heard and understood. You will develop your public speaking skills.

Entrepreneurship This block will be useful for those who have (or planning to have one) own start-up and would like to develop it further as well as for those who work in companies (or plan to start working) and could apply entrepreneurial knowledge in advancing their work.

This block consist on general topics on entrepreneurship – what entrepreneurship is, how to develop own entrepreneurial spirit, how to apply entrepreneurial knowledge within the company and other topics. Moreover, a course touches upon the concept of Lean Start-up – how to design and implement a start-up. This knowledge could be also useful for those who work within the company and want to design and implement new products or services.

This block will be highly practical – participants will not only be given knowledge but also will be asked to practice the new knowledge and skills.

All the materials within each block will be provided. In addition to the materials needed for the course the participants will be given the list of the literature that they can read after the course in order to in deepen the knowledge within the particular topic.

Practical Course

Within this part of the course the participants will be offer to work on the actual company assignments. You will work at actual business problems trying to offer the solutions for existing challenges. The students will be given the possibility to have the contact with companies and learn more about their actual work. Students will work on real problems of real companies. Problem-based learning positions students in a simulated real business and professional context that involves policy, process, and ethical problems that will need to be understood and resolved to some outcome. By working through a combination of learning strategies to discover the nature of a problem, understanding the constraints and options to its resolution, defining the input variables, and understanding the viewpoints involved, students learn to negotiate the complex nature of the problem and how competing resolutions may inform decision making. It also promotes the development of critical thinking. Students learn how to analyze a problem, identify relevant facts, generate hypotheses, identify necessary information/knowledge for solving the problem, and make reasonable judgments about solving the problem. In addition, to real problems of companies students will also work with drafted by tutors business cases. While solving the case, you have the chance to learn battle-proven ways of how to solve complex business problems and how to present your solutions. To test them you will have the chance to analyse a case, and present your solution to our experienced trainers.

Self-Awareness and Personal Development

Important part of an MBA program is personal development. Within this program you will be provided various opportunities for the personal development. You will become more aware of own strengthen and weaknesses. You will learn how to emphasis your strengthen and use them in your career in a more effective way.

You will work with the business trainer who will assist your personal development process.

Personalised Learning

Each student of an MBA program is unique. And each student has own learning needs and career plans. Personalized learning is the part of our MBA course that will be designed for every participant individually.

We conduct in-depth interview with the student in order to determine his or her learning needs and the expectations from the career. Based on this interview we designed the personalized learning plan. The students are also welcome to let us know what they would like to include in personalized learning. This could be additional theory on the topics of marketing on Lean 6 Sigma. Or an additional company assignment based on the interest on a student. Personalized learning plan will be designed individually for each student.

Quick facts

For whom is this course? For those who work in a company and want to develop further! This course will let you to receive an express MBA certificate which will prove to your employer that you are a good candidate to consider for the promotion! This course is for those who are working already or would like to get started with own start-up. The course will give you knowledge and skills which you can apply for starting and developing your own business!

Legal Note

The Netherlands Education Group (legal title – Stichting Libertas International) is in process of applying for the accreditation for Master education in the Netherlands. Such accreditation is given to educational institutions by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (the website – ). One of the requirements in order to submit an application is the completed education program of 1 year or longer. And that is why we are organizing this Online MBA program – Online Modern Business Administration program – and that is why the price is so cheap!

We offer you a quality program which is in full accordance with standards for MBA program that will help you to get knowledge and improve the skills that are in demand in modern labor market! And at the same time – the program will cost you incomparably cheaper to any other program that would provide such a high level of education! Why we do it? As explained above – because we are applying for the accreditation for Master education and before that we need to have a similar program completed where participants do not receive a Master title.

As we are starting this program, we would value your feedback at every stage of the program!

And with your help we will be able to receive the accreditation and offer actual Master-degree program! For you that also means that the diploma you will receive will be issued from the institution that is accredited in accordance with the standards of Dutch Master-education.

The program is offered for this price only this year. After we receive the accreditation the price for the program will significantly grow. So, if you want to receive quality business education that is complying to international standards for very cheap price – you have this opportunity now! As already next year the program will cost much more!

We hope we explained you fully why this program is so cheap and now you know why you will still receive quality education even for such a low payment!

For Refugees

The Netherlands Education Group (legal title – Stichting Libertas International) is in process of applying for the accreditation for Master education in the Netherlands. Such accreditation is given to educational institutions by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (the website – ). One of the requirements in order to submit an application is the completed education program of 1 year or longer. And that is why we offer this program!

And as we are particularly interested in inviting talented and motivated participants to join the program, we offer special conditions to refugees. The special conditions are the following:

-studies on this program – Online MBA – will be free!

-in case of successful completion, you will be accepted for our actual Master program (after we receive the accreditation) without any exams and FREE of charge!

What does that mean for you? When we receive accreditation for the Master program you can join it! And yes, it will be free for you! And yes, that means that we will apply for you for 1-year study visa and in case of successful completion of Master program in the Netherlands – you can apply afterwards for 1-year Orientation Visa to look for a job in the Netherlands (you can read more about Orientation Year Visa  here – )

Yes! We are not joking! After the successful completion of the program, you will be offered to do Master with us for FREE when we receive an accreditation! Why we do it? Because we believe that refugees in today’s Europe can play significant positive role in economic development and opportunities like this can give them the tools to do it!

You qualify for this program if:

You are residing in any EU country at the moment of application for the program

You received a positive answer on your refugee application not longer than 4 years ago OR you did not receive an answer yet OR received a negative answer

If you meet these criteria  – you are welcome to join the program for FREE!

Duration: 12 months

Open Dates: 1 October 2019 – 30 September 2020

Price for the program: 1000 euro