Online MBA

📅 Dates: Confirmed with each participant individually
⌛ Duration: 12 months
🔖 Price: from € 4000

The Netherlands Education Group offers an Online MBA program!

This course allows you to get the knowledge and skills essential for the development of a successful international career! Our program is designed by professionals who are familiar with both business and academic areas. This program allows you to learn all the foundations of business administration.

Taking into account the ongoing mutability of the world today we are continuously working on including the most modern materials in the program. We offer up-to-date knowledge that will allow you to become a global leader tomorrow!

Why this program is for you?

Online MBA program is suitable for those who work in a corporate environment and want to develop their career! This course lets you receive an express MBA certificate to raise chances for future promotions within or beyond your company! This course is also suitable for those who would like to get started with their own start-ups. The course will give you knowledge and skills which you can apply for starting and developing your own business!

The following pillars constitute the foundation of our program:

The program allows receiving knowledge about modern business and its development! We use only the newest methodologies so all the information you get is up to date. You will learn only actual concepts and theories! You will gain the practical knowledge to apply in your work and help your company to reach new levels!

During the program, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills that are in high demand in the modern labor market! Develop your team working skills to work effectively with other people. Communicational skills –to give presentations for the international audience! And a number of other skills that will allow you to be effective while working in a global environment!

Do you know that more than 70% of jobs in the Netherlands are got via networks and not via applying to an open vacancy? We believe a network plays a crucial role in career growth! That is why we pay great attention to this aspect of our program! Participation in a 1-year Online MBA program allows you to create a great network and contribute to your future international career! You will meet your classmates – they are young leaders from different countries. You will communicate with your tutors – professionals with vast experience in various business areas. You will do projects in companies and will be able to develop the network via those organizations. And many other opportunities to broaden your network! We do not just create a chance of meeting different professionals, but also provide knowledge and tools for the effective expansion of your network. Discover how to continue developing your network after graduation and find the right people to succeed in your professional life!

We do understand that the main aim of those who come to study the MBA program is finding a dream job! And we are willing to help! During the whole program and several months after graduation, we are providing career coaching! Our coach will discuss and consider various directions for your career growth Together you will find the right solution – to choose a dream job with financial satisfaction and happiness! Moreover, the coach will assist with writing CV and Motivation Letter that can help your application to stand out among others! With our guidance and assistance, you will find the job of your dream!

Intercultural awareness
Never underestimate the role of international awareness!. Making an international career you often have to travel abroad or communicate with people from different countries and cultures. Understanding divergence in different cultures and behaviors can play a significant role in international career improvement. That is why during the program you will learn more about business culture in other countries and raise your intercultural awareness.

If you have your own start-up or want to start one – our program is the key! This block is focused on the development of entrepreneurship and creativity! Even if you are not going to start your own business, those qualities Will make you more competitive in any position! If you are ready to start your own business, don’t forget that Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest Start-up Hubs offering great opportunities for fresh entrepreneurs and easy access to the European market!

International career
Our Online MBA program is focused on an international career. We will cover the main aspects of international business and global economics. The global market is rapidly changing every day. This block will help you to understand how people are building their international global careers and find your own path!

MBA is always a major addition to your impressive CV! Add information about MBA studies to your CV to make it shine! Today more and more recruiters pay more attention to candidates with MBA. Including MBA in your CV will make it easier for you to get the desired job!

Our program is not only about obtaining the right knowledge and finding your own path toa global career! We believe that every person who joins the program is a leader! Some already have an impressive background in leadership. Others are making their first steps! We do our best to help each participant to realize leadership talents. We guide each person individually, determine strengths, and find a relevant career. We help everyone to reveal potential and become an effective professional in an international environment!

Program & Price

The program is online. A student is taking studies from his/her home or any other place.

We offer a high-quality program that is in full accordance with standards for an MBA program. Our program is incomparably cheaper than any other program that would provide such a high level of education!

The Netherlands Education Group (a subsidiary of Stichting Libertas International) is in process of applying for accreditation for a Master's education in the Netherlands. Such accreditation is provided to educational institutions by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders. One of the requirements for accreditation is a completed 1-year (or longer) education program. That is why we are organizing this Online MBA program – and that is why the price is so cheap!

With your help, we will be able to receive the accreditation and offer an actual Master-degree program! For you, that also means that the diploma will be issued by an institution that is accredited in accordance with the standards of Dutch Master-education!
The program is offered for this price only this year. After we receive the accreditation the price for the program will significantly grow. So, if you want to receive quality business education that is complying with international standards for a very cheap price – you have this opportunity now! Next year the program will cost much more!
What do you get? 
When we receive accreditation for the Master's program you can join it! And that will be free for you! That means that we will apply for you for 1-year study visa and in case of successful completion of the Master program in the Netherlands – you can apply afterward for a 1-year Orientation Visa to look for a job in the Netherlands
Yes! We are not joking! Why do we do that? Because we believe that refugees in today’s Europe can play a significant positive role in economic development and opportunities like this can give them the tools to do it!

So how the process is organized? A student receives study materials for each study block. The student studies those materials and needs to prepare the assignments for each course. The assignments are different – it could be an essay, small research, offering the solution, etc. Then the student needs to send the assignment to the tutor within a particular deadline. A tutor checks the assignment and provides evaluation with detailed feedback. Our tutors are all experienced specialists in their area – professors of universities, MBA-graduates, practicing professionals. Though the program is online, the participants receive relevant feedback on their assignments.

The course is certified.

Program Price
Full € 12 000
Subsidized* € 4 000

* If you would like to use a subsidized price in addition to a standard curriculum you will be asked to follow an extra course – Sustainability in Business. During the course, you will have to complete a series of assignments and prepare a final project within a company at the end of the course.

We offer subsidized prices for responsible leaders who aim to bring positive changes to the business. We believe that corporate social responsibility is an essential part of modern business. And for that reason, we offer a reduced fee for the program for students who are ready to bring CSR values into their work.

The Program consists of the following blocks:

Students will be provided with all the necessary materials within each block. In addition, the participants will be provided with the list of literature that they can read to deepen their knowledge.

International Business

This is a broad block that includes both general topics (introduction into the course and overview of the international business field) and more specific ones (foundations of managerial economics and managerial finance, other aspects of international business).

Within this block, you will learn practical aspects that are necessary to understand international business. This block provides useful knowledge and skills for working in the international business environment.

Project Management

This block is based on PMP (Project Management Professionals) methodology. The participants will be introduced to the foundations of project management methods which allow them to design and implement projects in the most professional way.

In addition to traditional project management methods, the participants will learn the foundations of lean six sigma, agile, and scrum. These tools are widely used in most successful companies. The participants will learn how these methodologies can be applied to improve the quality of work within the organization.

Marketing & Strategy

In this block, participants will learn the foundation of marketing and strategy at the organization. It is not enough just to offer a good product or provide an outstanding service. You need to have good marketing if you want your product or service to be known and sold! You will learn how to build such marketing! Within the block, the participants learn the foundations of marketing. A large focus is made on digital marketing – how to use online tools in order to advance the organization. The participants learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the ways to make the website of the organization searchable in Google.

Within the strategy part, the participants learn how to design and implement the strategy within the organization. They learn what are the key success factors for the strategy, how to align the structure and the activities of the organization to the strategic planning. Good strategy is the key to success. But in order to design and implement that strategy, everyone has to obtain particular knowledge and skills. Good specialists in marketing & strategy are in high demand in the labor market. Within this block, you will get that knowledge!

International Communication

International communication is a very important aspect of international business today. Without effective communication with your colleagues and partners you cannot build a successful business. Within this block, you will learn about the differences and similarities in communicational strategies within different cultures. You will understand how to communicate with partners from other countries. You will raise your awareness of communication technologies in international business.

Moreover, within this block, you will learn how to design speech, develop arguments, and express yourself in a professional way. This knowledge and skills allow leading the discussions in the way where your arguments are heard and understood. You will develop your public speaking skills.


This block is useful for those who have (or plan to have) their own start-ups and would like to develop it further. Also, this block is suitable for employees working for their companies (or plan to start working) who want to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge and use it at their work.

This block consists of general topics on entrepreneurship – what entrepreneurship is, how to develop entrepreneurial motivation, how to apply entrepreneurial knowledge within a particular company, and many other topics. Moreover, the block touches upon the concept of Lean Start-up – how to design and implement a start-up. This knowledge could is useful for those who want to design and implement new products or services.

This block will be highly practical! Participants will get not only knowledge but also practice!

Within this part of the course, the participants work on the actual company assignments. You will work on real business problems trying to offer solutions for existing challenges. You will get the chance to have contact with companies and learn more about their work. Students work on real problems of real companies. Problem-based learning takes students to a simulated real business and professional context that involves policy, process, and ethical problems that must be understood and resolved to a successful outcome.

Practicing through a combination of learning strategies to discover the nature of a problem, understanding the constraints and options to its resolution, defining the input variables, and understanding the viewpoints involved, students learn to negotiate the complex nature of issues and how competing resolutions may inform decision making. It also promotes the development of critical thinking. Students learn how to analyze a problem, identify relevant facts, generate hypotheses, identify necessary information/knowledge for solving the problem, and make reasonable judgments about solving the problem.

In addition, students also work with various business cases. While solving the case, you will learn battle-proven ways of how to solve complex business problems and how to present solutions. Analyze a case and present your solution to our experienced trainers!

An important part of an MBA program is personal development. Within this program, you will get various opportunities for personal development. You will become more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, learn how to emphasize your strengths, and effectively use them in your work.

You will work with the business trainer who will be supporting your personal development process.

Each student is unique. Each student has his or her own learning needs and career plans. Individual tuition is a part of our Online MBA course that will be designed for every participant individually.

We conduct in-depth interviews with our students in order to determine their learning needs and expectations. Based on these interviews we design the personalized learning plan. All the students are welcome to let us know what they would like to include or exclude. This could be an additional theory in marketing block, for example, on Lean 6 Sigma. Or an additional assignment. Tuition will be designed individually for each student.

During the entire duration of the program you will be provided personal guidance – mentorship – to guide you within studies and help you with your career choices.

Good network is the key for starting your dream career! For example, in the Netherlands about 70% of all jobs are found via the network!

Great attention during the program will be given to the topic of networking – how you should build your network, what are the effective channels for growing network. We will provide you the   tools helping you to build the network that can help to advance your career. Also you will be provided the opportunities for networking – you will communicate with various people and organizations during  the course that could possibly help you in starting your international career.

Part of the program is working on a personal project/business. From the beginning you will be asked to start thinking about a personal project or a business that you would like to develop during the studies. If you already have a start-up – you are welcome to offer your start-up as the project to work on during the year. In case if it meets the requirements of the program your start-up can be accepted as your personal project.

If you do not have a start-up you can offer an idea of the start-up to work on as your personal project during the studies. However, if your professional interests do not lay in the field of own business – you are welcome to choose another field for a personal project.

During the studies you will have to work on a personal project and complete it by the end of the program.

At the beginning of the second half of the project you will be invited to start thinking about your final project. The final project is comprehensive research related to one of the topics you have learned during the program. The final project is to be implemented in collaboration with a company. You will be asked to find a company for your final project yourself.  If you have difficulties finding the company – we will try to assist you to find the right organization that can contribute to your project.

Career Coaching

During the course, you will take a career coaching. We will assess your previous and current career background and guidance on building a future career according to your plans and expectations. You will get the idea of how to start a career in an interesting field (if you are not working there yet) and how to find the job that matches your interest.

Career coaching starts in the first month of the course. It could continue 6 months after the end of the program in case you still don’t get the desired job by this time. In that case, we continue the career coaching after the program to help you to find a suitable occupation.


All students who successfully complete all study blocks, assignments, and final projects receive a diploma in MBA – Modern Business Administration. You will be provided an electronic certificate via email. A hard copy of the diploma will be sent by post. In addition to the diploma, you will get a transcript with grades.

Residential Trainings (Optional)

All the study blocks during the program are going online so you can complete them remotely from any location. At the same time, you will be offered to attend residential trainings in the Netherlands and Russia. You can decide if you want to attend those trainings or not. During those residential meetings, you will have the opportunity of in-person networking and learning more about the business culture of the hosting country.

  • The fee for a one-week residential training in Amsterdam is € 650
  • The fee for a one-week residential training in Moscow is € 490

Moreover, we could arrange individual visits to Amsterdam and Moscow where you will have the opportunity of networking within a particular business area and learning more about the possibilities for your future career development. Content and the duration of the individual residential visits are to be negotiated with you personally and depend on your own preferences. The fee for the visit depends on the content and the duration that you would like to have.

How to Apply

Please send an email to and indicate “Online MBA” in the subject.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Where are you from
  • Your learning needs and expectations
  • Convenient start date
  • Other questions