We started our programs in 2010! Since then a large number of people from all over the world participated in our events! We know that you are strongly interested in what our courses are about? You are wondering how every course is going on, you want to see photos, videos, reviews… The best way to get an idea on how our events are happening is to check the photos on our Facebook group! And sure, here you could read real feedbacks from our participants!

Evgeniy Erm - Intercultural Management and Communication (Moscow, February 2020)

"This course was focused on communication between defferent cultures and social groups and how culture affects communications at all. After completion of the course I realized the importance of intercultural communication and broaden my professional and cultural knowledge. I am really impressed with the program! That gives a quantum leap for professional development!"

Anna Dominiak, MBA (Poland) - Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam

"I was one of the participants of the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop and I have to admit that it was a very good experience of intercultural exchange. With the other participants we have spent a few days in Amsterdam and we were visiting many places that are combined with entrepreneurial spirit. Some of them were co-working spaces or we have even visited the municipality of the city where we received information on possible cooperation between the city of Amsterdam and start-ups. In general I recommend the workshop organized by the Netherlands Education Group, since it was a very fruitful experience that contributed to my development as a young entrepreneur."

Ibuje Igho Manny (Nigeria) - Mini MBA in Moscow

"Thanks a million for the support and care all through my sojourn in the Moscow city region of Russia. Am really grateful from the dept of my heart. I want to extend my appreciation to you all. My one week business visit to Russia has been very revealing and refreshing. The course content is really worth every penny paid and the reception, care has been very warm and accommodating. I hope someday I will have the privilege to reciprocate this kind gesture. Also, a big thanks to Oksana, Elena and the coach herself, Lidia. You all made my business visit to Russia a pleasant and unforgettable one, one which i will cherish for a long time to come. Thank you so much guys for everything you have done for me!"

Brigette Djiakou Fah (Cameroon) - Public Speaking (Acting) Course in Moscow

"I visited Moscow in July with the Public Speaking course . Now I am safely back to Cameroon and want to say you the following. Moscow is very beautiful city, I was very surprised for a buildings site I see in Moscow.  I was very happy to be in Moscow .I discovered many  others things about Russia and get knowledges in Public Speaking. You are a very attentive and professional team and make my visit to Moscow comfortable and interesting. But, talking true, the time (09 days) was not enough to discover more things. I will be happy and comfortable if next time, visa will be for 3 weeks. Thanks you for everything!" 

Jean Bosco Ndamukunda (Rwanda) - Human Resource Management (Online Course)

"Wooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! Thank you so Much the Netherlands Education Group and i am happy get certified from this course and anytime i get money i am happy to fly to Netherlands or Moscow as i am passionate about learning new things but the problem is the money as i am still young jobless graduates from university here in my country but i am working with you already as Youth Ambassador i hope anytime i will have chance to meet you there and i am very thankful for your help in giving me new skills it will help me in my future life but as proposal i have been searching for Masters abroad but i many times failed then i wish to propose you if you can offer me the internship in Moscow in your organization then work with commitment so that anytime you can help me to study masters in Moscow and working with you as an intern and i wish i can continue to work with you after studying!! thank you once again and i am waiting for your kind response to my wish"

Yuliyana Nutsolova (Bulgaria) - Course in Moscow

"Fantastic course with great cohesive structure with lots of excellent tips and hints! The trainer was very knowledgeable and experienced, made us feel at ease to practice communicating. He provoked questions and was able to answer all of them. Cosy, friendly and comfortable atmosphere was good for work and relaxation. Delicious food- traditional Russian cuisine, well-organized free time activities. Everything made us, the participants, feel fantastic"

Nwachukwu Vincent Chidi (Nigeria) - Study Visit to UN-Organizations and other international organizations in Moscow

"From the depth of my heart, I say a big thank you to you all. Its been wonderful with you all, it was just a kind of a family and I will greatly miss you all. Thank you to the Netherlands Education Group. I hope to keep in touch with you all and to see you again. I love you."

Winifred Chinonye Osuigwe (Nigeria) - Human Resource Management (Online Course)

"I'm very pleased to hear from the Netherlands education institute. I am also honored to be given the privilege to benefit from the high standard of learning from tutored and vast professionals in the field of human resource Management. Thank you for the results and certificate to enhance my profile and I hope to join in the course of study in Moscow or Netherlands in the near future."

Erin Gashi (Kosovo) - Youth Leadership Training

"I don’t know where to start it’s hard to explain by words this experience, an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Everything, every session, every task, every moment was above my expectations, it was perfect. From the moment of check-in the warm welcome by Valeria through the sessions that will shape me as a person to a warm goodbye check out. Being honest, I entered this training as an ordinary 16 yrs old with a few experiences but ended this gaining experience and shaping my personality, my mind but mostly my vision got introduced with some good life skills and concepts. And for this I need to thank my coaches and my best supervisor Valeria for helping me in every case. At the end I would like to thanks Kristina for helping me understanding and for having an answer to all of my concerns before training. Thank you for helping me develop and if I become leader one day for sure you are the ones that gave me the first steps of leadership."

Nour Hatem Mohamed

Nour Hatem Mohamed (Egypt) - Intern

"To be honest, I did my best to find and convince people to participate in your courses but I got disappointed, the Netherlands Education Group will go ahead and be the best in the world soon if it working in same steps, the organizations, preparations, offers, and all workers of this org need to be thanked. I learned to be patient, good in excel as well, make new friends from the Arab world, I never regret doing any task for you"

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