Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. For some it is just a “sexy” term used in the reports but us – it is our way of working! We believe by providing jobs for people from low-income countries we contribute to the development of those countries and being socially responsible.

We believe the work we do is not just helping companies to have their work done cheaper and with a better quality. We support talented professionals in different countries who are willing and ready to work! And we invite companies to join us in this work!

We invite companies for which CSR is not just a nice abbreviation to join us in this work! In addition to regular work with providing virtual assistants we also offer to companies the following – if you have interest in supporting people in particular country – we would be happy to look for you for people from the country you choose. Moreover, we invite companies to join our educational programs. In addition to providing jobs as virtual assistants we provide educational programs in various countries which help people to be more competitive in work space and contribute to their professional development. We invite companies which also have interest in providing such educational programs to the cooperation.

Companies are invited to the cooperation in the field of education in developing countries. Also – if you are interested in virtual assistants from a particular country where it is difficult to find the right specialists – we would be happy to discuss together the possibilities of organizing educational programs in those countries in order to train the right specialists for you.

Nowadays, we often see how people in Western countries complain about too many migrants coming over! Instead of complaining – provide jobs for people in their home countries and they will have less reasons to come!

Talented professionals from low-income countries often can provide the work done on the same level as the specialists from developed countries! Join us helping to create jobs for them as well!