Direct Democracy Party

Direct Democracy Party (DDP) is the political party registered in November 2020. We registered the party as the reaction on the current crisis and the fact that none of the existing parties offers us the tools on how we can express our opinion and be heard!

Main Aim

Our main aim is to provide every person with the opportunity to speak up and have a direct influence on the taken decisions.

DDP is a party that employs a unique concept

We invite members of the party to take part in the political life of the country directly and not only once every 4 years by voting. What does this mean? In case of success and receiving seats by the Parliament all decisions of the party will be taken based on the votes of the members. Moreover, the members will have the opportunity to come up with the initiatives on the questions that they would like to be discussed in Parliament.

DDP is the party for members

Our members tell us what to do and have a direct influence on our work! DDP is a unique organization that aims to provide every person with the opportunity to participate in the political life of the country! Do you see things that can be improved? Stop just watching! “Be the change you want to see in the world!” Join us and let’s make things right together!

Do you believe that every citizen should participate in a decision-making process about the decisions that influence everyone and not just a small group of members of the Parliament?! Then join us and let’s achieve that together!

We use English language in order to make the information about our work accessible for everyone including citizens and residents who do not speak Dutch fluently. We invite everyone to join us and work together towards our goals!

Global Leadership Program for Young Democrats