Global Leadership Program for Young Democrats

Global Leadership Program for Young Democrats

Are you passionate about democracy? Do you believe that direct democracy is the most effective way to implement the power of people? Then we need you for our Global Leadership Program for Young Democrats!

The aim of the program is to spread information about the concept of direct democracy and invite those who are interested in to learn more! 


The duration of the program is 4 or 8 months. You can decide which option is more comfortable for you.

Starting date
Starting date is flexible. We accept applications at any time of the year. However, if you are interested in joining the program, we kindly ask you to apply as soon as possible, as in case if we have too many participants at the moment, we will not be able to accept new ones.   

During the participation in the program, you will be asked to complete various tasks. The tasks include:

The set of tasks for each participant is based on his/her background and interests. We are doing our best to make participation in the program useful and let all the participants improve relevant skills.

We will focus on your strengths and provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

Please note, that the program is unpaid. That means that we do not provide financial benefits for participation. However, in the case of successful participation, you will be offered a free trip as mentioned above.

We do not ask to pay anything for the program.

What you Get

Participation of the program will give you:


You are welcome to apply for the program if:

How to Apply

Please send your CV and motivation letter to and indicate “Global Leadership Program for Young Democrats” in the subject.