We invite you to become a member of the Direct Democracy Party!

What does it mean – to be our member? Being our member, you will be able to influence our decisions. All decisions are taken based on the approval of members. We will regularly ask about your opinion on various topics and you will be able to influence our work.

Moreover, if all goes well and we receive a seat (or seats) in the Parliament, our members will be able to come with initiatives. And if your initiative will be supported by other members – your representative in the Parliament will bring it to the attention in the Parliament.

Membership at the Direct Democracy Party is not just joining another organization. Membership at the Direct Democracy Party is being a part of the community – a community of people who know each other and regularly meet at events. Joining us you will join a network of professionals who have strong opinions about the things that are happening among us. A network of people who are ready to support each other on a personal and professional level. Join us and become a part of our professional network!  

The membership in the Direct Democracy Party is the unique opportunity to play an active role in the political life of the country!

We offer two types of membership: 

Full Membership

Accessible for all citizens of the Netherlands.

International Membership

Accessible for citizens of any country. With International Membership, you will be invited to participate in the decision-making process for the questions that are related to international matters.

We kindly ask our members to provide donations to support our work. The minimal donation is € 12 per year. But if you would like to donate more – we would be very grateful for your help!

As a member, you will be invited to play an active role in our work. However, if you would like to be a member but do not take an active part in our work – that is also possible.

There will be no obligations for you to participate in our events – you are welcome to decide yourself when would you like to join the event and when not.

How to Become a Member?

Please make the payment of € 12 or more for the first year of the membership and send us an email to, indicate “Membership” in the subject. Please include your full name and nationality in the text of the email.