Our Approach

Direct Democracy Party implements direct democracy. What does it mean?

Usually, you vote for the party once every four years. Then for 4 years, you have no communication with the party of your choice. But the members of the party you have chosen are representing you in the Parliament. On your behalf, they take actions and make decisions. In this case, democracy is implemented indirectly – you chose your representatives, and, on your behalf, they take actions. But in that case, you do not have the opportunity to have a direct influence on the choices your representatives make. Your actions are limited. The main action you can do – to vote for them again on the next election or vote for another party if for some reason you were disappointed in the choice you have made the last time.

We find this approach is outdated. Why we should trust a group of people to make all the important decisions for the country and have a say only once every 4 years when we choose those people? We believe that every person who wants to share the opinion about public matters should be given an opportunity to do so. We believe that citizens should be consulted about the important decision that Parliament takes. We believe that our opinion should be asked more often than once every 4 years. And that is why we started a Direct Democracy Party!

Direct Democracy Party employs absolutely different unique approach! We invite our members to take an active part in the life of the party.

How does it work?

If all goes well and we will get a seat (or seats) in the Parliament we will offer the following mechanisms of the direct democracy to our members:

What does it mean?

It means that the members of the party and the representatives of the Parliament will be one big community and will make all decisions together. You as a member will be asked about all the actions that our representative makes in the Parliament on behalf of the party.

If we receive a seat in the Parliament, we will make sure that the voice of our member is heard and takes into account while making the decision in the Parliament.

Membership in the Direct Democracy Party is a membership in a decision-making process of the Parliament! Make your voice heard! Join us and let’s together work on having the seats in the next Parliament and influencing the decisions together!