Below are the questions that we would like to touch in our work. The list of our program questions is regularly updated based on the views of our members.


Accessibility for Members

Our main goal is to erase a border between the party and its members. We provide the full access of members of the party to the information about its work and participation in a decision-making process.

Developed Channels of Communication with Members

We believe the communication between the party and its members should be regular and not be limited by voting once every 4 years. We recommend active use of digital channels of the communication that will allow members to have up-to-date information about the work of the party and express their own opinion. We invite every member to take an active part in the work of the party.

Social & Economic

Easy Access to the Job Market

More than 70% of jobs in the Netherlands are found via the network. That means that job seekers with a smaller network have worse chances of finding decent work. That often can be an issue for a newly graduated alumnus. We work for the democratization of a job market and letting people with a smaller network to access the positions that suit them. We believe that could be mutually beneficial and for companies and for job seekers helping to make the right matches. We can achieve that by creating more platforms for match-making that would be open for all job seekers.

Protection of the Environment

Here in the Netherlands – like in no other country we see and feel the influence of processes happening in the environment. Do you expect that the next summer will be as warm as the previous one? Or you think another record will be hit again? Yes, we are a small country. But small players can also have a big influence. The protection of the environment and international cooperation in this field should definitely take a big part in the work of the government coming years.

Support for Entrepreneurship

There are various programs opportunities to learn more about starting a business and registering a company. KvK offers information sessions, municipalities offer various programs. However, starting a business is still very risky. Entrepreneurs still lack a large part of the guarantees and benefits that regular employees receive. Corona-crisis gave another proof of how well regular employees are protected and how vulnerable entrepreneurs are. Many businesses will never return after the crisis. Some others will change their mind and would look for a stable job instead of starting a business. However, a large number of small businesses is healthy for the economy and provides a diversity of goods and services to customers. The more people are involved in their own businesses, the more creative ideas will be implemented. And now – in this technological era – we need more and more creativity. And that is why we see the support and empowerment of entrepreneurs as one of our goals! We do not believe in subsidies that are given to everyone who has “a good idea”! But we do believe in the effectiveness of trainings where we share the information about starting a successful business. We do believe in the results of networking sessions. And we do believe that assistance with the marketing of goods and services can have a great positive result on the development of entrepreneurship.

Effective Ways of Integration for Young People with Foreign Background

We often hear about the problems with particular ethnic groups. Youngsters from specific cultural and ethnical groups create sometimes the situations that are unpleasant for others. In most cases, these youngsters are migrants in 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generations. However, despite the fact that they themselves were born in the Netherlands – and often their parents and grandparents as well – these youngsters still might display behaviour that might be in violation with the idea of acceptable behaviour shared by the majority of society. What is the reason for that? We believe the main reason is that those youngsters do not feel part of society. They are not well integrated. Where do we see solutions? The first step is to accept the problem. Yes, the problem exists, and it is serious. And as the second step, we should think about the mechanisms that could solve the issue. As an effective mechanism, we see the programs for the integration for those groups. These programs can be designed and implemented together by various stakeholders – representatives of those ethnical groups, municipalities, government, businesses and other groups.

Integration of Refugees

Tens of thousands of refugees are coming every year to the Netherlands. Many of them receive the status of a refugee. After receiving the status, they can invite their partners and children to the Netherlands. In this way, a large number of newcomers comes to the Netherlands every year. Unfortunately, the existing programs of integration for these categories are not working effectively. Many refugees have a university education, others might not have it but have an experience in a particular field that they could use here and contribute to economic development. Instead, most refugees never start working and rely on social welfare. We think the situation must be changed! And not only because of a huge tension on social welfare. Integration of refugees and offering them jobs that fit the level of their education and experience would greatly benefit and to their wellbeing as well. The current way of integration proves its inefficiency. More individual approach and assessment of each case could bring a great result in the integration of refugees.

Rights of Working Mothers and Fathers

We live in Western Europe and here gender issues are no longer considered to be a too sensitive. However, the rights of working mothers and fathers are still an issue. Employees with young children do not have enough opportunities to take an active part in the growth of their children and at the same time advance career equally with their colleagues who do not have children. Fathers receive much shorter parental leave than mothers and the interests of families where mother is more career-oriented and father would prefer to stay longer at home with children are neglected. We invite companies to the discussion on how the situation can be improved and we can have healthy families and successful employees.

Improving the Mechanisms of Fighting against Crime

If you ever had a house burglary or faced some other economic crime – you probably noticed that police are unable to help us. We, honest citizens, can do pretty much nothing to protect our rights on our money and goods we have. If someone wants to steal from you, they can do so and it is unlikely that police will do anything about it. Moreover, even if they do – the punishment for such crimes is very small. In the best case scenario, a person will be sent to prison for a few months and after their release, nothing will stop them from doing it again. We need more effective mechanisms to protect us and our belongings!


International Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Recognition of crimes committed by states – even a hundred years ago – is an essential ground to build a peaceful future!

Contributing to Solving the War Conflicts Abroad

War conflicts in a country far away might seem less important for us. However, today in a globalized world, we in Europe almost immediately feel the influence of those conflicts. And one of the most important influences that we can see – a huge number of refugees that come to Europe looking for a safe haven and asylum. In order to minimize that we should play a more active role in an international field trying to contribute to solving the conflicts – wherever these conflicts are.

Expanding of Refugee Camps in the Middle East and Northern Africa

There are no doubts that the refugees – in war zones and in other situations where effective mechanisms to protect the rights are absent – need protection. Thousands of people come every year to the Netherlands asking for a refugee asylum. Many of them receive it. However, unfortunately a large part of refugees has challenges trying to integrate into Dutch society. Most of them never start working and fully enjoying life in the Netherlands. At the same time, there are good examples of how refugees come to neighbouring countries with a similar culture and integrate there much better. They have fewer issues with the language and culture and could easier organize their new life in a new country.

Support of one refugee in the Netherlands costs almost 30 000 euro per year.
Support of refugees in the Middle East or North Africa would be significantly cheaper. We should work more actively expanding the opportunities for refugees in their regions!