Support Us

In order to be eligible to participate in the election to the Parliament, we need Support Declarations (ondersteuningsverklaringen) from people who are based in different parts of the country. The Netherlands is divided into 20 election districts (kieskringen). We need to have at least 30 Support Declarations from each district but of course the more – the better. Here you can read the information about the Support Declarations.

Who is eligible to sign a Support declaration:

Step 1

  • Go to the Municipality (gemeente). Some municipalities would need you to make an appointment but some others – don’t. So please call your municipality to check if you need to make an appointment or not.
  • Take your passport with you and sign the Support Declaration at the Municipality.
  • In the Support Declaration, you need to fill some information about yourself and write the title of the party that you are supporting: Directe Democratie Partij

Step 2

  • Take a Support Declaration with you
  • Take a photo of good quality or scan it
  • Send Support Declaration and Photo to us and indicate “Ondersteuningsverklaringen” in the subject.

Support Declarations can be signed at municipalities starting on 4th January and will 1st February. 1st Feb is the deadline for us when we need to present all the Declarations to the Election Commission. If you decide to support us – we kindly ask you to sign the Support Declaration at the beginning of January and send it to us.

Also, if you already decided to support us – we would highly appreciate if you let us know that you are intending to sign the Declaration for us – please email us to to let us know about the municipality you live in. It would help us to know in which election districts we already have the needed number – 30 people – and in which ones we still would need to look for people.

And of course, if you share our values and principles, we would be grateful if you could tell about us to your friends and family and invite them to sign the Support Declarations as well. Visiting the Municipality with friends is always more fun, right? 😉

As a new party, we have difficulties in accessing large numbers of people so we would highly appreciate your help! Let’s take action together!