English Language Winter Course

English Language Winter Course

На русском

 Open Dates: 27 December 2020 – 10 January 2021 (2 weeks)
icon_price_fee_euro  Price: € 1200


Accommodation and Meals

Dates and Price

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Would you like to visit snowy Amsterdam to study English and spend there your New Year’s Eve? Then we have good news for you! Let it be the perfect start for a great year! From 27th December 2020 till 10th January 2021 we organize the English Learning program in Amsterdam. Improve your English, meet great people and have an awesome time in one of the most amazing cities in the world! Moreover, you will have a great celebration of New Year 2020! Here you can see some photos from the previous programs.


English language classes are going on every weekday from 9 pm till 12 pm (on the 1st of January there will be no classes)

All our teachers are native speakers. Also, you will be provided with study materials during the whole course. The focus is made on speaking skills and overcoming the language barrier. At the same time, the whole range of vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading aspects is also included. Upon arrival, all the participants will be tested in order to determine their level of English. After that, they will be divided into groups depending on their level.

In afternoons you may join additional activities – excursions, bike trips to other cities, seminars on various topics, game evenings, parties etc. That gives much opportunities for practising English!

After the course: Travelling to Brussels or Paris… or Germany?

Click here to learn more about trips to other European countries and cities after the program.

Accommodation and Meals

The participants live in rented houses in Amsterdam. They share the room with each other – 2 persons per room. Single accommodation can be booked for an additional fee. You will be offered comfortable accommodation in Amsterdam. There is easy access to all the touristy attractions of the city.

Accommodation is provided for the dates of the program. If you arrive 1-2 days earlier or leave later – extra nights can be provided for an additional fee. Please email us in advance to ask about the availability.

Meals are not included in the course price. There is a kitchen in every accommodation so you can cook yourself or go to restaurants and cafes nearby.

You could add Meals for an additional fee – please see the price here in “Prices for additional services” section. Paid Meals are offered 3 times a day at the accommodation venue – breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks for the period between meals. Individual dietary restrictions are taken into consideration (please indicate it in your application form).

Dates and Price

Dates Price
2 weeks: 27 December 2020 – 10 January 2021 € 1200*

*If you would like to join the program without English language Classes – that’s also possible. For example, if your English is already very good or if you accompany a friend or a family member who comes to follow the course. In that case, there will be a 50% discount off the course price.

The price includes:

  • Program (including all the materials)
  • Accommodation (shared room for 2)
  • Cultural and social activities

Tickets to and from The Netherlands are not included in the price.

  • Transfer from/to the airport (one-way): € 50
  • Single room: € 190 for 2 weeks
  • Meals (3 times a day): € 240 for 2 weeks
  • One Individual Class: € 60

How to Apply

Just click to apply via website

Or you could send an email to the following address: netherlandsinstitute@gmail.com

Please indicate the “English Language Winter School” in the subject and provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • – Full name
  • – Nationality
  • – Date of birth
  • – Telephone number
  • – The reasons why you would like to join the program and your expectations
  • – Other wishes

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the program.


If you want to travel to the Netherlands you might need a visa.  Here you could determine whether you need a visa. Please tick “90 days or less” in the first question. Or just send us an email and we will advise you.

Usually, visa type required to attend our courses: Short-term business visa. But it would be better to make a double check at you local Consulate / VFS Center. We provide a standard visa invitation letter for our applicants after the receipt of a guarantee deposit from the applicant.

Step 1

Please go to your local Consulate / VFS website and make an appointment. Sometimes you can make an appointment only  1-2 months in advance. We recommend doing that as soon as possible and then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Please learn more about the list of all the required documents (usually, those documents are listed on the website of your local Consulate / VFS. This list also includes visa invitation letter that we send. Usually, we send a visa invitation letter within 1-3 days after receiving the required pre-payment from the applicant.

Step 3

With the full list of documents and completed visa application form, you have to go to the local Consulate/VFS on the appointment day and submit them. The fee for the visa might differ depending on the country where you apply. VFS might also apply an extra charge for their services.

We strongly recommend to check all the documents before the submission and make sure you provide the correct information to the Consulate and in that case you most probably will receive a visa without any difficulties.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist at any stage of your application!


In case of any questions regarding the program – feel free to send us an e-mail – or call us +31 30 879 50 55

Past programs: 
28 December 2018 – 25 January 2019
29 December 2019 – 10 January 2020