Free Swahili Lessons

📅  Date: Individual Dates

🏷️  Price: Free

🚗  Duration: 1 month

💻  Format: Online


Have you ever heard about Swahili language? It is the most spoken language of Africa and the official language of Kenya and Tanzania. Do you want to learn this beautiful language? We announce the opening of registration for an online course for beginners in Swahili. The course is absolutely free!

About the tutor

Racheal Vichei

Racheal Vichei

Education in Emergencies practitioner, teacher and researcher with specialities focusing on designing and implementing educational projects. She is a Kenyan born where Kiswahili is a native language. In schools she attended, Kiswahili was a compulsory subject examined by the National government. She’s passionate about education, and especially the Kiswahili language which she loves to share the language with interested people, Swahili dishes(food) and cultures. Learning the Swahili language is an asset because one can communicate, and even negotiate when visiting the following African countries; Kenya, Tanzania and even Zanzibar island. In addition upon learning the Swahili language, one can teach his/her close associates. Her hobbies are teaching for learning and enjoyment, dancing, cooking and cycling.


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