How does it work?

How does it work? How does all this thing with virtual assistants function?

There are few steps.

Step 1. Application

You contact us and let us know which kind of work you have and which kind of assistant you are looking for. We discuss the nature of work together with you, try to understand what exactly you are looking for. You suggest the number of hours needed for the completion of the task. We discuss the payment together with you.

After we agree on the nature of work, type of the assistant you would like to have and the payment – we sign a contract.

Step 2. Search for an assistant

We are looking for the right person for you via our network. We will search for the person with the right education who has the professional experience in the field of works that needed to be done.

We will select the right person who will be available to do the work.

Step 3. Contact with a virtual assistant

You will get in touch with a virtual assistant and discuss the nature of the tasks.

At this stage you will communicate directly with the virtual assistant who will also be contacting you during the implementation of the work.

Step 4. Result

The assistant presents you the results of work and finishes the task.

We close the case. And you are very welcome to contact us with your next task!

The payment conditions might vary depending on the nature and the amount of the work. In some cases we might suggest the pre-payment of the works and in some others – the payment in parts. The payment issues can be discussed during the first stage.