Welcome Intern of the Month - Dalia Salah Mostufa Khatab!


Dalia Salah was graduated from Banha University in summer 2021 and now she is a veterinarian. For a long time, she has had a passion to complete her study abroad, to get new knowledge, exchange experience, and find new ways of solving problems.

During her study in the college, she has been trained in different aspects of veterinary medicine.

She tries herself in the clinical laboratory for chemical analysis, worked in a medical convoy in university, participated in the educational course in the National Research Centre in El Dokii in Egypt. 

Dalia has good communication skills, she was an active student with an excellent grading in veterinary medicine and in the top 20 best students in her college.  She is an ambitious and fast learner. Dalia is planning to assign to a Research Centre in Egypt and become research.

As an intern, Ms. Dalia Salah Khatab was assigned to a variety of tasks which she completed perfectly and in a timely fashion such as contacting organizations, academic institutions, and individuals to form partnerships, sending emails, collecting data, preparing documents using Excel and PowerPoint, replying to clients and working with social media.

Thank you Dalia for taking the internship seriously, for your enthusiasm and initiative!