Welcome Intern of the Month - Noura Boussaa!


We want to introduce you to one of the best interns of our company and tell her success story!

Noura Boussaa has been working as an intern in our company since June 14, 2019. And she is one of those interns who successfully completed distance step of the Global Internship program and she will come to Amsterdam in 2022 to participate in one of our programs (fully-funded trip for her)!

Congratulations Noura!

During her work, she has shown herself to be an amazing employee, performing any tasks professionally. Let us get to know her better.

Noura Boussaa received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and applied mathematics. Now, she is receiving PHD. Noura is a participant of many conferences on her specialization and actively takes courses. The intern knows four languages, which helped her in communication during the internship. She also received relevant work experience prior to the internship.

Noura helped our company to carry out technical issues, which she competently and promptly solved. Nora also took the initiative and took on more responsibility than expected. This is very commendable.

We thank Noura for her excellent work and wish her success in the future career.