IT services

We offer virtual assistants who can provide various types of IT services – from making a website and graphic design till sophisticated programming tasks. At the same time we offer specialists who could offer IT services in other forms as well.

We have a large network in different countries – mostly in Eastern Europe – which helps us to find IT professionals of nearly any specialization. If you need someone for customer support – we can help you to find a right person who will do great work for quite a modest payment! If you are looking for a programmer who knows one of the rare programming languages and cannot find anyone around – we will find the person who has experience with this language and will be available for a project work for you! In other words – we offer the assistance with finding IT specialists for nearly any types of IT jobs.

We offer specialists for various IT services who could provide the work in following forms:

Virtual assistants – we offer virtual assistants who will be able to implement short-term tasks as well as long-term tasks. In this case the specialists will be working in their locations and you can communicate with them online.

Virtual assistants + short-term trips to your location (till 90 days) – we offer the service of virtual assistants who can do the task from their venue and in case of need visit your office for the period up to 90 days.

Full-time workers in your office employed by us – if you are looking for an IT-specialist who would work at your office full-time but at the same time you do not want to employ a person yourself – we can employ a person and he/she will work at your organization on contract basis.

Full-time workers in your office employed by you – in this case we provide the service of searching for the right specialist for you and you can further employ a person in your organization. This service can be particularly interesting for those companies who are looking for specialists with rare skills – we can find the right person for you who will satisfy your searching criteria.

Service of IT recruiters – we offer the services of IT recruiters who can find for you IT specialists for short-term and long-term projects.