Leadership Skills Development Course

Are you a student or a young professional? Are you eager to become a Global Leader in the near future? 

Join the Leadership Skills Development Course (LSDC) in Amsterdam! The course is for those who want to develop their leadership skills!

The rapid development of the modern world is posing new and new challenges for leaders! How to face those challenges? How to become a leader who will be able to deal with those challenges? During the course, you will develop skills that the future global leader should have. This course is a unique opportunity to get a particular set of knowledge and skills of an effective leader within a short period of time!

You will learn how to become a successful leader who is ready to embrace the challenges of our globalized world!

Modern university education provides a good basis of knowledge in a particular field. However, traditional university programs usually lack the subjects on comprehensive learning of crucial soft skills in order to become a successful leader. This course will help you to internalize not only theory but also develop soft skills that will allow you to become a leader and sustain your leadership aptitude.

A good network is also a very important part of any leader. And for that reason, during the course, you will visit various organizations learning about their work and developing your network.

You are welcome to join the course for 4 or 2 weeks. Obviously, 4 weeks program is more complex but within 2 weeks you can also learn a lot.

The course is also useful for those who consider studies or work in the Netherlands (or another European country). During the course, you will learn more about study and job opportunities in Europe as well as create some network here!

The course is certified – all the participants will get the certificate about the successful completion of the course. This program will provide a great foundation for your personal and professional development.

The course that will help you to become a Leader!
If you are a Leader that will lead us tomorrow – we hope to see you in Amsterdam!


The program of the training will consist of the following blocks:

How to Become a Leader You will learn how to develop leadership skills in yourself.

Leadership is defined not only by the position at the company but first of all – by the personality. You will learn how a person becomes a successful leader and how you yourself can become one!

Team Work  Working in the team is one of the most important skills of a successful leader. During the training you will develop your team working skills and will learn the technics to help you to be effective while working within the team.

The team is one of the most important resources for a Leader! And you should be professional working with your team!

The Art of Negotiation You will polish your negotiation skills. You will learn the technics that can help you to be an effective negotiator.
How to Win Arguments You will learn how to build arguments in order to have a strong basis for your position. Solid argumentation strengthening your point of view is the key element on the way of reaching your goals. You will learn how to win the argument with your opponents.
Public Speaking It is hard to imagine a global leader who is a bad public speaker. Public speaking is one of the key skills of a leader. How to develop your voice in order to sound like a leader? How to build your speech? You will learn how to become an effective public speaker!
Effective Communication & Intercultural Differences Communication with colleagues, communication with partners and customers. An effective leader should be able to build communication in an effective manner.

You will learn how to communicate effectively with people from different countries.

Intercultural differences often influence on the manner of communication. A successful global leader should be aware of cultural differences and be able to communicate effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Conflict Mitigation Conflicts happen even in the most effective teams. It is not possible to avoid conflicts completely. But a good leader should know how to mitigate the conflicts and minimize their negative consequences.

You will learn the technics of conflict mitigation that can be used not only in business but also in private life.

Networking It is difficult to overrate the role of a network in the work of a leader. Good network plays a crucial role. Good network can help you to succeed and reach your goals.

During the course, you will visit various organizations developing meeting people and broadening your network.

You will also learn some skills that are needed in order to be an effective networker.

Personality Assessment In addition to professional knowledge and skills, the course will offer the space for your personal assessments. You will be given various tests in order to understand who you are as a leader. Based on the results of those tests you will be given the recommendations on the development of your personal leadership.
Set of Skills for a Leader In addition to all other skills mentioned in the list, a leader should have a number of other skills that are needed in order to be effective. You will learn a particular set of skills that leaders should have. Moreover, you will be given the opportunity to practice them and apply in certain situations.
Other topics We will also touch some other topics that will provide you with knowledge and skills in order to become a successful leader!

After the course: Travelling to Brussels or Paris… or Germany?

Click here to learn more about trips to other European countries and cities after the program.


You will have weekends during the program free. In can be that sometimes you will be given some homework for the weekend but there will be no sessions during the weekends. And that means you are welcome to use the weekends for discovering Amsterdam as well as travelling. From Amsterdam, you can easily reach other interesting cities of the Netherlands. You can travel within less than an hour to the Hague which hosts various UN-institutions and other organizations. In about an hour from Amsterdam, you can find Rotterdam – a modern city with the largest post in Europe. You can easily travel to Utrecht, Leiden, Maastricht and many other beautiful cities of the Netherlands.

From Amsterdam, it is also easy to visit the countries nearby. You can have a day-trip to Brussels, Bruges or other Belgian cities. Also within 2-3 hours, you can access a number of German cities – Dusseldorf, Cologne or Hamburg.

If you always wanted to visit Paris – you can do it as well. The train from Amsterdam central station will take you to Paris within 3 hours and 17 minutes!

Or you can just stay in Amsterdam during the weekend and enjoy the city which offers a lot to do.

If there will be enough people interested in – we might organize some trips to cities nearby for the whole group.


Accommodation will be provided in Amsterdam. Participants will share the rooms. Single rooms can be offered for an extra payment.


There are two options the meals during the program:

1.Participation with meals.

We offer participation with meals where you will be offered meals 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also will be provided snacks for the period between meals.

Meals will be provided at the venue of the accommodation. Individual dietary restrictions will be taken into consideration.

The fee for the participation with meals is indicated on the page with prices.

2.Participation without meals.

You can choose participation without meals. In this case, you need to take care of your own meals.

The accommodation will have a kitchen and you can cook yourself if you would like or go to restaurants and cafes for meals.


The fee for the program:

4-week program – 1790 euro 

2-week program – 1290 euro (first or last 2 weeks)

Please note – the flight tickets are not included in the price. Participants need to arrange their own flight to and from Amsterdam.

Additional services

Pick up from the airport on the day of arrival – 50 euro

Drop-off at the airport on the day of departure – 50 euro

Single room – 190 euro for a two-week stay and 290 euro for a four-week stay

Meals – 150 per 1 week if you would like to have the meals for 1 week only or 120 euro per 1 week if you would like to have meals for 2 weeks or longer


We provide a visa invitation for the visa to the Netherlands. Please note – visa invitation is not a visa – with the invitation that we will send, you will still need to go to the closest Dutch Consulate and apply for a visa.

Together with the visa invitation, you will need to provide other documents – usually, those documents include passport, passport size photo, filled application form, insurance, proof of means, proof of work/study and other documents. The list of the documents might slightly differ depending on the country where you apply for a visa. Please check the website of the closest Dutch Consulate to see what is the list of the documents you need to prepare.

In most of the cases before applying for a visa you need to make an appointment at the Consulate. Some times you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance. We recommend you to contact the Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment.

The fee for the visa might differ depending on the country where you apply – you might have your visa free of charge or might need to pay for it 35 or 60 euro. Those are the fees in case you apply for a visa directly at the Consulate. If you apply via Visa Center of the Dutch Consulate, Visa Center, Travel agency or another organization – those organizations might charge extra fees for their services.

If you submit all the requested documents on time the chance for the rejection of a visa is very small. In our experience, the visas are mostly rejected if an applicant provides false information to the Consulate. This could be the major reason for rejections. We kindly ask you to check the documents before the application and make sure you only provide the correct information to the Consulate and in that case, you most probably will receive a visa without any difficulties.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding the visa application procedure we would be happy to assist at any stage of your application!


Just click to apply via website

Or you could send an email to the following address – netherlandsinstitute@gmail.com

Please indicate the following information in the text of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the course you are applying for
  • The reasons why you would like to join the course and the expectations you have from the course

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the course.


If you have any questions – please feel free to send us an email to info@uconsulting.nl Please, indicate “Leadership Skills Development Training” as the topic.

You can also call us in case of any questions! Our number is +31 30 879 50 55