MBA Scholarship

We offer MBA scholarships to talented individuals who want to bring positive changes to society! 

The Netherlands Education Group offers top-quality education that will allow you to get knowledge and skills that are essential for today’s labour market! In addition to theoretical blocks, a large part of the program is dedicated to personal and soft skills development. You will understand better your strengths and weaknesses and will develop teamwork and leadership skills. Thanks to career counselling from professionals you will be able to orient better in the world of jobs and find the one that suits you the most. The substantial element of the program is practical work. You will be working with companies to find solutions for the actual problems of modern business.

We are looking for young leaders who are not afraid to take responsibility. We will provide scholarships to those who want to receive business education and build a global career. After the studies, you are welcome to return to your home country and work for the development of your local community or to stay in the Netherlands (or move to any other country) and contribute to the development of your home country. 

The program will allow you to learn more about international business and start an international career! 

The scholarship is given to attend the Online MBA of the Netherlands Education Group. After successful completion – you will be invited to attend our full-time MBA program in the Netherlands (when the program will be open). And after graduation – you will be offered a one-year stay in the Netherland, you will be able to find a job and stay in the Netherlands (if you would like). 

You can find more information about our MBA program here on our website.

How does it work and what are the steps?

At the moment we are in the process of applying for accreditation to be able to offer a full-time MBA program in the Netherlands. When you complete the Online MBA you will have the possibility to participate in short research and the results might be taken into consideration for the accreditation process. When we receive the accreditation – we will open a full-time MBA in the Netherlands. As an alumnus of our Online program, you will be offered studies for FREE. That means you will be able to travel to the Netherlands and do studies for free. You will still be asked to pay for your accommodation and living costs (food, transportation etc). But as a student in the Netherlands, you will be allowed to work 16 hours per week and full time in the summer months. If you are interested, you can work next to your studies and cover your costs. We might be able to advise where you will be able to find a job. After graduation from a full-time MBA, you will be given a one-year residence permit – orientation year visa – that gives you the right to work in the Netherlands. And if you would like to stay in the Netherlands further – during this year you can look for a job that will allow you to stay in the Netherlands after your one-year permit as well.  The scholarship is equal to 90% of the total fee for the program.

Who is eligible for a Scholarship?

You are welcome to apply if you are:

  • Able to follow an online course for the period of 12 months.
  • Willing to acquire new knowledge and skills that will help you to contribute to the development of your community

Applicants from any country and holders of any nationality are welcome to apply for the scholarship.

How to apply

Email us to and indicate “Scholarship for MBA” in the subject. Include the following attachments:

  • Your detailed CV (in English)
  • Essay where you share with us why you would like to receive the scholarship and what are your career plans after graduation (about 3-5 pages, in English)

In 2021 the full fee for Online MBA is € 12 000. With the scholarship, you will be asked to make the payment of only 10% of the fee (or € 1200). 

As long as you see this information there is no deadline and you are welcome to apply.
You can choose the desired start date for the program. 

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