What is MBA?





Nowadays MBA education becomes more and more popular among professionals who want to develop global international career. The main different between MBA and regular university studies is that MBA gives you not just theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. During MBA studies usually students are offered to work on real business cases, solving actual business tasks. Moreover, best MBA schools give the opportunities of networking with the top professionals.

The theoretical knowledge taught during MBA is also a bit different. During actual university studies students learn a lot of theory, they go deep into academic knowledge. Standard MBA program provides the knowledge following the principle “little bit about a lot”. You learn a lot of subjects but usually do not go to deep into academic knowledge. You learn only what is actually needed for the business. Managers in the company do not know everything about all the aspects of the business. But they should be able to have a good view on the business as a whole. They should understand financial aspects, legal aspects and other sides of the business. MBA studies provides you the knowledge that will allow you to understand the business and if you need deeper knowledge in a particular field – you would know where to look for it and whom to ask for the assistance within the company.

MBA education is more practical, it is meant for preparing managers of the companies – leaders! But what about all those managers in companies who never studied on any MBA programs?! Of course you can develop successful international career without MBA. But MBA is a useful tool to advance your career. If you are already a manager at the company or would like to become one, MBA would give you the advantage of better understanding of different aspects of business.

MBA is a great tool for professional and personal development that allows a person to learn about modern business from theoretical and practical perspectives!