We offer the work of virtual assistants who can provide the services in nearly any field where services can be executed remotely. We work with the large network of specialists who have education and professional experience in IT, economics, law, administrative work, translation services and other fields. In other words, if you have some tasks and you would like to have virtual assistant to do those tasks – most probably we will be able to find the right person for you.

Some of the examples of work that our virtual assistants can offer you include:

IT services – virtual assistants can offer various IT services – from making a website to programming using the sophisticated programming language.

Administrative work – virtual assistants are available for various types of administrative work: creating databases, analyzing the information, preparing reports etc.

Translation – virtual assistants can provide the translation services – we have a large network in various countries and we can offer the translation services from nearly any languages.

Market research – virtual assistants are available for market research of a chosen field in a chosen country.

Customer service – virtual assistants would be available for customer services – via email or via telephone.

Project management – virtual assistants can provide the project management services. Upon request, we can provide an assistant with PMP certification who can offer the high-quality work in the field of project management!

If you have any other task that can be done by a virtual assistant – most probably we have a right person for you!