Our Trainers

All our programs are delivered by professionals! We are working with a vast group of professional trainers - all of them are excellent experts in their area.

Here you could find information about few of them.


Lana Jelenjev 

Co-founder of Co.LAB, a training and community platform for creative and innovative entrepreneurs who are transforming their businesses into movements and co-author of the book “Make Great Things Happen: The 90 Day Action Planner”.


She is passionate about building communities, creating impact and owning the presence we bring in the room. If not creating disruptive models on entrepreneurship or managing online communities, Lana can fully immerse herself on personal development books or in writing poetry.

Aliaksej Burnosenka

Youth-trainer and business-trainer since 1999, certified Coaching specialist, with about 10 000 training hours fulfilled as a trainer. Project-mamager and head of the NGO "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre", co-founder of several NGOs. business-consultant, sociologist with a great experience in event-management, fundraising, and art-management. expert in presentation and communication skills, leadership, project management and creativity. Youth-leader and practicioner of "Youth In Action" and "Erasmus+" programs.

Being originally from Belarus, Aliaksej Burnosenka has a great interest in art and theatre, he loves hitch-hiking travelling, biking and mountains. He launched several kids programs and organized a dozen of summer camps for youth and kids.

Matteo Pasquini

PMI - PMP certified with a MSc from the University of Pisa. Founding partner of Solwa s.r.l., founding partner and chair at 7MRP Theatre group - The Hague and Patent Examiner at EPO. Matteo has a solid professional experience in technology assessment and business development gained working for: Rolls-Royce (UK), ENI (Italy), Solwa (Italy), Dong Energy (Denmark) and EPO (Netherlands).

He is passionate about theatre and has studied acting and theatre techniques with: F. de Lima (The Hague), Punchdrunk (London), N. Harvey (Munich) and B. Sisk (Venice). Since 2014 he has being training students and professionals in leadership development and theatrical techniques for stage and for business.

Hamish Grouchy Davison

Hamish is a professional writer and journalist from England. He was born in the North of England in 1994 and is from a province called Yorkshire. His hometown is a small town on the coast of England called Bridlington and he currently lives in Amsterdam. He studied history at University College London (UCL) and then went on to teach English in Spain. He moved to Amsterdam at the end of 2016.


Since moving to Amsterdam he started a career in Search Enginge Optimisation writing and journalism. He’s currently the head SEO writer for Duber, a medical Marijuana facility in California and a journalist and SEO writer for Esports Ranks, an esports magazine. He has two cats, Baloo and Bagheera. He has taught many different types of English including conversational, business and professional.