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The main objective of the project is to give young people a chance to practice English and improve their language skills. In addition, the project also allows students to learn more about the culture of an amazing country – the Netherlands, spending 2 or 4 weeks in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The project has wide cultural and social elements – excursions, visits to various organizations, meetings with interesting people, leisure activities that enable students not only to improve the English language skills (the cultural program is also conducted in English) but also learn a lot about the country, in which education takes place!

Learning a foreign language abroad – is not just a trend, this is the most effective method to learn the language if you want to achieve results in the short term! Immersion in the foreign language environment is the best way to overcome the language barrier and make a significant break in the study of a language!


English teachers in this program are native speakers from the UK, USA and Australia.

Every weekday English classes will be offered to students. Emphasis will be made on the development of students’ speaking skills in order to overcome the language barrier. At the same time, students will be able to learn all the aspects related to grammar as well.

The communicative method of teaching is widely practiced during the course. In this method, students are encouraged to speak the language as much as possible in order to overcome the language barrier.

Upon arrival, students’ proficiency in English will be tested and they will be divided into groups according to their levels. Classes will be conducted 5 days a week and will last 4 academic hours.

Business English

We also offer Business English classes for those who want to develop their professional vocabulary instead of General English (basic course where the focus is on communication skills and grammar). In this case, you will have 4 academic hour classes every weekday of business English!

English teachers in this program are native speakers.

In this course of Business English you will learn business terminology, business letter writing, practice the skills of business negotiations, the interview and etc. During the classes, various business cases will be discussed and role-played.

If you want to enroll in the course of Business English, please indicate this in your letter.

Individual Classes

Besides the classes in groups, you also can have individual English Language classes. All English teachers in this program are native speakers. Each class will take place 5 times a week for 3 academic hours. The teacher will offer you a General English course; if desired with an emphasis on business English, legal English or another area.

During the individual classes, you can decide how you want to build it, whether you want the teacher to pay more attention to the terminology in any professional field (economics, law, medicine, etc.) or to spend more time on explaining grammar or to get more practice in speaking English. Thus, if you choose individual classes you can determine for yourself what program you want!

Dutch language

Although almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks Dutch and English, the official language of the country is Dutch! The language is a “mixture” of German, English and little bit of French! If you are willing to learn the Dutch language we offer a course of basic Dutch for foreigners. Classes will be conducted by a native Dutch three times a week for 3 academic hours. Class time will not coincide with the lessons of English Language, so will not damage the main learning process of learning English.

Knowledge of Dutch will be especially useful for those who plan to continue their studies in the Netherlands or Belgium (where the Dutch language is one of the three national languages)!

Classes will be held for those who have absolutely no knowledge of the language. If you already know the Dutch at a certain level, please indicate this in the application.

Travelling after the course

Click here to learn more about trips to other European countries and cities after the program.