Public Speaking (Acting) Course

Public speaking is one of the most important qualities for a youth worker, youth trainer and generally – any person who communicates a lot with people in his or her work! We invite you to join Public Speaking (Acting) Training Course where you will improve your public speaking skills!

Good speaking is your most enduring skill. That’s especially important for youth workers who have to communicate with people a lot and particularly – with young people trying to motivate and inspire them!

We invite you to join the training course on Public Speaking (Acting) which is designed for youth workers who want to develop their public speaking skills, improve their acting abilities. Youth workers will learn new tools which are essential for successful youth work.

You will learn how to motivate the audiences with solid arguments and moving language. You will learn how to build the speech to make sure you will be able to deliver the message you want! You will find ways to build the arguments in a way that will be able to support your point stronger. In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative.  Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit, pitching a business proposal, or suggesting a change to company policy, you are making arguments. During this course, you will learn how to build the arguments which will help you to reach your aims!

The most memorable speeches inspire, entertain, and praise. By blending stories and eloquence, great speeches highlight the core values motivating an audience. But how to design and deliver those speeches?! Or how to influence people in your speech and make them your supporters? You will learn that during a course!

How to prepare presentations? Youth workers often need to present – the projects, the ideas, etc. This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations. How to deliver the presentation which will leave your opponents speechless?! You will learn it during the course!

The learners during the course will design, practice, and receive feedback on speeches that they can use in their professional lives.

The course is designed for youth workers including youth trainers. The course will be especially useful for those youth workers who are considering to become a trainer in the future or already conducting trainings but do not have enough experience yet.

Public speaking is an important skill for a youth worker! Youth workers need to deliver the speech to donors, prepare presentations. They need to be able to deliver inspiring presentations to the youth they are working with! Public speaking skills are already present in any person – some people have it more developed and some others – less. At the same time – it is the skill that you can improve if you work on it. If you know some tools, some technics and “tricks” – you can become a much better public speaker than before! We invite you to the course where you will learn those tools, technics and “tricks”!

The training course is designed by The Netherlands Education Group. Participants who will complete the course will receive the certificates from The Netherlands Education Group.

Join us if you would like to improve your public speaking skills and deliver the mind-blowing presentations!


The accommodation during the event will be provided in a unique location – a modern comfortable training center. Participants will sleep and have sessions at the same building! The training center is located in the south of Moscow (so-called New Moscow area).

The training center consists of 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large common room for the sessions. In addition to the standard facilities, the training center is equipped with Jacuzzi that can be used by participants, the fireplace where participants can gather in the evenings together, terrace and other facilities which will make the stay comfortable.

The training center in New Moscow is not just a building! It was constructed with the intention to give participants the feeling of the community together! To facilitate informal contacts among participants outside of the sessions. To activate the creativity

Fully equipped kitchen and the place for BBQing are also available for the participants.

In case of the good weather, the outside area can be used by participants as well.

The stay at the training center in New Moscow provides unique experience enhancing the learning process!

The accommodation will be provided from the first day of the program until the last day. There will be no activities planned on the arrival and on the departure days. You are welcome to arrive one/a few days earlier or leave one/a few days earlier. The fee for extra nights is 50 euro per night. Please let us know if you would like to stay longer and we will provide you a visa invitation for a longer period. Please note, there will be no program or meals provided for extra nights. We can provide you a visa invitation for a longer period and accommodation but you would be responsible to arrange your own activities. If you need help – usually we have interns available to show you around and spend time with you if you would like to!


The fee for the course is 490 euro*. The fee includes:

  • The program of the course (including all necessary study materials)
  • The accommodation (in the comfortable training center in Moscow)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks)
  • Transfer
  • Visa invitation (which you will need to bring to the Russian Consulate in order to apply for a visa)

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any scholarships.

* 245 euro for Russian applicants


In order to apply for the program – please send an email to the following address –

Please indicate the following information in the text of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the course you are applying for
  • The reasons why you would like to join the course and the expectations you have from the course

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the course.


Nationals of most of the countries need a visa to enter Russia. If you are not sure if you need a visa or not – please send us an email letting us know which nationality you have and we will be happy to advise you if you need a visa or not.

If you need a visa – we will send you a visa invitation. Please note the visa invitation is not a visa. With the visa invitation which you will receive from us, you will still need to go to the Russian Consulate and apply for a visa.
Together with the visa invitation, you will need to bring to the Consulate some other documents (usually these includes passport, passport size photo, filled application form, in some cases – insurance, proof of finances and other documents depending on the country where you are applying for a visa). We recommend you to check the website of the Russian Consulate to see the full list of documents you need to present.

Usually, it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive a visa at the Consulate after the moment you have submitted your visa application. In most of the cases before submitting the visa application you need to make an appointment. Some times you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance. That is why we recommend you to contact the closest Russian Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment for a visa.

Visa fee varies depending on the country where you apply. For EU citizens in most cases, the visa can be done free of charge. For non-EU citizens, the visa fee is 35 or 60 euro (depending on the country where you apply for a visa). Those are the fees if you apply directly at the Consulate. In most of the countries, you can apply directly to the Consulate but you also have a choice to apply for a visa to the Visa Center of the Consulate, Visa Center, Travel Agency or to another organization. If you are applying through any of those organizations (e.g. anywhere except the Consulate itself) there might be extra charges.

We recommend you to apply for a visa as soon as possible. And of course – in case of any questions on any stage of visa application we will be more than happy to assist!


In case of any questions regarding the course – feel free to send us an E-mail – or call us +31 30 879 50 55