Why should you visit Moscow next year?

As a smart and globalized person, you have probably visited many interesting places! And each had something to tell you. Nothing teaches us as much as travelling does!

Some people consider travelling as a perfect way to spend holidays and relax. Sunny beach, the sounds of ocean…what can be better to gain energy after months of tough work! Going to the beach can be a perfect way to relax but if you are looking for holidays that can teach you something – city walks would be a better option! While visiting cities you see local people, their life and feel the atmosphere of the streets! You learn a lot about the culture and often – you learn a lot about yourself! But as an experienced traveller, you may be tired of travelling just for travelling. Are you looking for something more interesting? Then you've come to the right place! Short study programs abroad are the best ways to learn and travel at the same time and invest in personal and professional development! That would allow you to experience the place you are in!

So what is your next destination? Maybe you are thinking about some new ingenious place to visit, dive in a unique culture and follow an interesting course? What about Moscow? You most likely say "Why?"

Below are 7 reasons why you should definitely visit Moscow in 2020!

Global capital

Moscow is a huge city with the population of more than 15 million people! It is a global capital that hosting a large number of big international businesses. Lots of nationalities, lots of cultures, lots of backgrounds – that’s what you will see in Moscow!

Rich culture and history

Russia has a unique culture and history. In Moscow you can find many incredible museums and interesting exhibitions. Walking in the center you can see and touch hundreds years old buildings. Old churches and beautiful streets will let you feel the rich heritage of Russia.

Huge Contrasts

Moscow is one of the richest cities in the world. But still you can see homeless people in the streets. You can see modern skyscrapers next to old houses and churches. People of hundreds of nationalities live in Moscow and communicate with each other. These are just few of many contrasts you will find in this unique city!

Unique Architecture

Moscow is huge! This is one of the first impressions many people get after visiting Moscow for the first time! Huge streets - a street of 16 lanes is not unusual in Moscow. Huge buildings – some of them were intentionally created so huge during Soviet times as the mechanism to make people feel small. Huge shopping malls – shopping mall of 6 floors? You won’t surprise anyone in Moscow with that! Architecture of Moscow is truly unique! You should definitely check it up by yourself!

Great Night Life

Clubs that never close? Restaurants that are 24 hours open? That’s very common in Moscow! Enjoy the city that never sleeps!


There are a lot of stereotypes about Moscow and Russia. You probably heard a lot about them in media. Are they true? Come and find out! Do Russians never smile? Do Russians drink vodka for breakfast? Other stereotypes? It is time to visit Moscow yourself and check which of them are true and which are myths!


Combination of Europe & Asia

Russia has a unique location! It is situated both in Europe and Asia. And the capital reflects that fact - Moscow combines modern European culture with Asian influence and that makes the city truly unique!

Not sure yet?

Then the last benefit – Russia is open for visitors! Today you can receive a visa quite easily and travel! But who knows what will happen in the future. We know the periods in history when visits to Russia were restricted. So don't wait for the "best times"! Plan your trip to Moscow for the next year!

We also know how you can combine the visit with attending an interestingstudy course – check the courses of the Netherlands Education Group:

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See you in…Moscow!