Online clothing brand

Clothing Store

The name of the project start-up idea is taken from the personality to demonstrate selling cloths, the first letter “P” comes from pretty, which is something every female would loves to feel wearing her favorite outfit.

So, the personality is a very important aspect in choosing any project name, and it has to show a story or a personality that the one who buy it would like to feel this brand’s characteristic. For example: channel shows the elegant aspect of personality of their clients.

Brand’s objectives:

  • Good Image of the brand in the market.
  • Increase customer’s engagement
  • Build brand awareness
  • Share the brand’s values: beauty, the feeling of being pretty
  • Engage interactive communication with prospects on social media
  • Strong social media presence since the brand is 100% online.
  • Assure the good quality of clothing.
  • Increase recognition of the clothing line.
  • Sociodemographic category: youth sport, casual, and classic wears.

Brand’s goals:

  • Good social media management.
  • The best online customer service
  • Satisfy clients
  • Use visuals and content to increase the knowledge of brand’s identity
  • Strong digital marketing campaign

Author: Souhayla Guemraoui