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Link About Online education site that is very popular and valuable resource. You can search through over 55,000 courses in all sorts of different topics and download the Udemy app to take your learning mobile for quick lessons and study sessions when you’re on the go.Udemy courses aren’t free, but they start as low as $12. If you’re an expert looking to create and launch a course of your own, you can also become an instructor with Udemy and take advantage of their massive user base to attract students. If you’re looking to take courses from over 140 of the country’s top universities and organizations, then Coursera is for you. Coursera has partnered up with the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and others to offer universal access to the world’s best education. You can find over 2,000 paid and unpaid courses in over 180 fields related to computer science, business, social sciences and more. Coursera also has mobile apps available so you can learn at your own pace. Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda is a popular educational hub for professionals looking to learn new skills related to business, creativity , and technology. Courses fall under categories like animation, audio/music, business, design, development, marketing, photography, video and more.

When you sign up with Lynda, you get a 30-day free trial and then you’ll be charged either $20 a month for a basic membership or $30 for a premium membership. If you ever want to deactivate your membership and then come back at a later time, Lynda has a “reactivate” feature that restores all your account information including all your course history and progress. If you’re on a budget but still looking for top quality education content, check out Open Culture’s library of 1,300 courses with over 45,000 hours of audio and video lectures that are totally free. You’ll have to spend a bit of time scrolling down through the single page that includes all 1,300 course links, but at least they’re all organized by category in alphabetical order.

Many of the courses available on Open Culture are from leading institutions from around the world including Yale, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkley , and others. Audiobooks, ebooks and certificate courses are also available. Similarly to Coursera, edX offers access to higher education from over 90 of the world’s leading educational institutions including Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, the University of Maryland, the University of Queensland and others. Founded and governed by colleges and universities, edX is the only open source and nonprofit MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) leader.


Find courses in computer science, language, psychology, engineering, biology, marketing or any other field you’re interested in. Use it for high school level education or to earn a credit for university. You’ll receive an official credential from the institution signed by the instructor to verify your achievement. Envato’s Tuts+ is for those who work and play in creative technology. In addition to its vast library of how-to tutorials, courses are available in design, illustration, code, web design, photography, video, business, music, audio, 3D animation and motion graphics. Tuts+ has more than 22,000 tutorials and over 870 video courses, with new courses being added every single week. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial, but the membership is affordable at just $29 a month. Dedicated to bringing higher education to the world in the accessible, affordable and effective ways possible, Udacity offers both online courses and credentials that teach students the skills that are currently in demand by industry employers. They claim to offer their education at a fraction of the cost of traditional schooling.

This is an excellent platform to look into if you’re planning on working in technology. With courses and credentials in Android, iOS, data science, software engineering and web development, you can be sure to get access to the most up to date education in these innovative areas that are relevant to today’s tech companies and startups. With 10 million students from across the world, ALISON is an online learning resource that offers free, high-quality courses, education services and community support. Their resources are designed for absolutely anyone looking for a new job, promotion, college placement or business venture.

Choose from a variety of subjects to pick from over 800 free courses designed to provide you with certificate and diploma level education. You’ll also be required to take assessments and score at least 80% to pass, so you know you’ll have the skills to move forward. OpenLearn is designed to give users free access to educational materials from The Open University, which originally launched back in the 90s as a way to offer online learning in broadcast collaborations with the BBC. Today, OpenLearn offers both topical and interactive content in a variety of content formats, including courses.

You can filter the free courses by activity, format (audio or video), subject and more options. All courses are listed with their level (introductory, intermediate, etc.) and time length to give you an idea of what you can expect. Like OpenLearn, FutureLearn is part of The Open University and is another alternative on this list that offers course programs from leading education institutions and organization partners. Courses are delivered a step at a time and can be learned at your own pace while accessed from a desktop or mobile device.

One of the real benefits of FutureLearn is its commitment to social learning, giving its students the opportunity to engage in discussions with others throughout the course. FutureLearn also offers full programs, which contain several courses in them for more extensive learning. The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is offering free YALI Network Online Courses in Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, Public Management and current issues, such as Climate Change, to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of them. Participants can take these online courses, which offer video, audio and text transcript options, at their own pace. Some lessons are also available in French. If your learning goal is to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area, Alison’s Certificate courses are always available for both online and offline study. Recognition was established at the initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, which is determined by all parties in the field of education as they are the cornerstone of the development and prosperity of peoples E2Language offers 100% online preparation courses for the IELTS, PTE, OET and TOEFL exams. We are experts in language testing. Our teachers have taken the tests themselves, so we know exactly what you need to do to succeed Online web platform for learning different courses ,it contains a lot business and economical courses which is very useful .It has modules with flowchart and picture unlike other uninteresting web online platforms .It is free but if one to verify your knowledge you will have to pay for certificate which is very cheap. Choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. Join 8151515 people learning together at FutureLearn. Enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. A list of Top 50 MOOCs of All Time based on thousands of reviews written by Class Central users.

In providing a small but well-reviewed list of courses, our hope is that new learners will not be overwhelmed when entering the MOOC space. Classpert’s online course search engine helps users to find an online course for any subject they want to learn. It’s possible to compare online course prices, watch video previews, and read the syllabus side-by-side. Find 140,000+ courses from more than 30 online course providers in over 15 languages. Get all relevant information on online courses from Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Pluralsight, Treehouse, Skillshare, FutureLearn and more. Classpert’s database also includes free online classes from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UC Berkeley, MIT. Free online courses from Harvard University. Contract Law, Justice, Calculus, Poetry, Data Science Provides free online courses. Project Management Certificate, How to start a Start UP, Organizational Analysis Offers free home study courses.Customer Services, Project Management

Internet Marketing, How to start & run an online Business., Business Management, Event Management Free online courses offered by reputable learning institutions.Accounting

Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing Free online courses. Computers, Excel Training, Project Management Codecademy offers data science and software programming (mostly Web-related) courses for various ages groups, with an in-browser coding console for some offerings. How Design University (How U) offers free and paid online lessons on graphic and interactive design, and has opportunities for those who would like to teach. HTML Dog is specifically focused on Web development tutorials for HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding skills. Skillcrush offers professional web design and development courses aimed at one who is interested in the field, regardless of their background — with short, easy-to-consume modules and a 3-month Career Blueprints to help students focus on their career priorities. Hack Design, with the help of several dozen designers around the world, has put together a lesson plan of 50 units (each with one or more articles and/or videos) on design for Web, mobile apps and more by curating multiple valuable sources (blogs, books, games, videos, and tutorials) — all free of charge. This website has a variety of video lessons for free. The course subjects are broken down into particular lessons, which is great for students who are looking to learn one principle without taking an entire course. For example, the biology subject has separate videos for evolution, photosynthesis, genetics, and others. If you prefer reading to watching, this site may not be for you as the lessons are all video based. For those looking for courses that will test even the brightest student, MIT is sure not to disappoint. You can download all the course material, which is nearly identical to the course taught at MIT (it even gives you the year and semester it was taught). Since it is an on-demand course, you don’t have any ability to connect with others who are taking it. It is simply an independent study for you to study on your own. This website is well designed with ample content to explain how Carnegie Mellon’s OLI works. Unfortunately, you cannot view the course without creating an account. The tagline right above the courses says, “No instructor, no credits, no charge.” Like so many other free courseware, it is an individual study. Stanford on iTunes U gives you two options. You can either subscribe to the updated video lectures, or simply download the one you’d like to watch. In order to participate in this course, you do need to have an iTunes account and software. Connections Academy is a free online K-12 curriculum for homeschoolers and other children in non-traditional classroom settings. This academy relies heavily on parent involvement with a stated, 96% satisfaction percentage. Each lesson has an overview, a lesson, review, and assessment. There are tools, textbooks, and other resources to bolster the student’s educational experience.…/online-public-schools.html This free online K-12 curriculum is offered by state. Currently, only 33 states offer the program. If your state participates, a list will come up of academies that your student can enroll in. K-12 is a network of schools offering education. It is not an independent curriculum developer. There are also private schools that network with K-12, but there are tuition costs. Open Yale courses offers a great website that is easy to navigate and comprehensive. There are a variety of subjects offered, which can either be downloaded as a zip file, or viewed online. Each lecture has a video (which was recorded during the actual course on campus), plus a transcript and a PDF of slides used during the presentation. Along the side, the video is broken into lecture chapters, so if you can’t finish the whole thing in one sitting, you can come back to it later. There is no need to sign up or create an ID. Yale has made it easy to take their courses. Gresham College offers lectures for students in different topics. You can watch or listen to past lectures, or attend upcoming lectures. This college is in the UK, so if you are interested in a lecture, you’ll have to wait until it is posted online to view. It is a company founded in 2013.Its fully committed to the development and promotion of the open edx technology,to deliver the best available technology to serve high quality education worldwide. They charge a pricing model for soft wares as a service subscription is based on the number of monthly active users in the site.They offer branding,installation and configuration,maintenance and support for edx. It was created for kids in grades pre-k through 8. It has been the leader in free educational games for kids since 1997. It offers hundreds of games, books,comics and videos that develop skills in the math,reading,problem-solving and literacy. This site is an expert in using brain science to help learners learn faster.Sure to give your brain just the right workout. They make learning your favorite playtime activity by turning learning facts and languages into a game.They teach languages,art and literature ,math and science. It’s the solution to the knowledge gap.They try to create a simple,easy and free way for people to gain knowledge in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. The idea came when they felt like there was a huge knowledge gap between what people were learning from the media and real textbook knowledge. They offer art,business, computer science, health and fitness course. It is an online community with thousands of classes in design,business and technology. It also cuts edge skills and also helps in networking with peers and discover new opportunities. This site is a bare bones archiving of math courses offered by new York university,when u click on a class you like,it take u to a list of files that are available as PDF document.perhaps the material is interesting,but packaging are not done very well. This site offer downloadable free online courses in lots of different categories like youth and children languages,business,engineering,and others when you look through the course work,you view them for free . UQS courseware is limited with only ten. different free online courses offered,mostly in technology.the modules are laid out right online with lecture notes and testing assignment. They offer courses on Citizen Journalism, Peacekeeping and advocacy. YaLa is a four-month online course that includes learning videos, assignments and various tasks to be completed. If you want to learn about actions you can take to promote human rights or protect the rights of women and girls, If you are trying to grow your small business, If you want to improve your networking skills, To resolve some problems with public speaking; This is where you can find some of the online courses. But first you must be a member of #YALINetwork at Its is an online coding tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions, immediate feedback, and a tested curriculum take anyone from non-technical to “I can code.”x

With code academy you-

1. Master the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Learn Python fundamentals.

3. Learn SQL and Python and build the skills you need to analyze data. The Harvard Online Learning portal provides a gateway for the public to access Harvard’s extensive learning content. This site does not host any direct learning content, but rather pulls together and indexes courses and learning materials from professors, centers, schools, libraries. Covalence’s Full Stack Developer bootcamp curriculum is designed to turn complete novices into junior-level software developers, and it’s been redesigned to be better than ever before. You learn to code with javascript basically. The management skills courses focus on training on how entrepreneurs will be successful in their businesses. Yali inspires, volunteers and lead. It encourages positive volunteering to help the society. The site teaches on how to make positive impact in the society +Acumen offers world class online courses that empower you think differently, learn collaboratively and join a global community of learners and doers with burning desire to change the world. Yali is a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The courses are for upcoming leaders in Africa which cut across fundraising, project manager etc Online learning platform for higher education & professional development courses.…/  

Educonnect is part of eduone network a site for information and resources on tackling career, decision, tertiary studies and Life after school Unitar offers courses that run throughout the year or several times in a year that are free of charge and open to the public. Digital skills for Africa help you succeed online through growth of business, career or just confidence. Story lab Academy is in partnership with code for Africa, Google news lab & world bank. It’s aimed to teach digital skills to working journalist. It’s not only the journalist who benefit but from the study lab research and communication skills help NGOs and Activist.…/Free_Online_Courses_by… A site where you search for online courses, information about career Education, degree and diploma course. Academic Earth offers a comprehensive collection of free online courses from the world’s top universities. In 2009, collection of free online college courses from world’s top universities were built. Online degree program includes various higher education track as mentioned below:

Business,  Computers & IT, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Psychology and Counseling, Science and Engineering, Trades Your hub for all the online offerings from Stanford University, Stanford Online offers self-paced and session-based courses. Harvard Extension features free online education courses from Harvard only. This is another excellent source for top notch course material, though the course variety is less rich than multi-school sites. Much like the other schools on this list, UC Berkeley has a variety of free online education options. It includes some supplementary lectures, webcasts and RSS Feeds, making it easy to keep up with the topics you choose. MIT offers a variety of free courses. The school includes very in-depth course materials on the subjects available. MIT also offers free RSS feeds, a convenient way to continue learning. Carnegie Mellon’s free online education site is comparable with the other school’s on this list, however, Open Learning Initiative also covers a smaller range of topics. Code is another website focused on coding and app writing. A site with high quality courses, Code also features learning options for kids. These classes include app writing, robotics and Javascript. This website helps students find a degree program of their choice.they offer free lectures,but that is not their main focus,instead,it is geared towards matching students with the right online degree program… The site is dedicated to boost your leadership skills, international best practices and the working principles of Artificial intelligence (AI). #YALILearns is a Network-wide initiative to promote shared learning and collaboration among Young African Leaders Network members. Selflearn: Learn Business, Marketing, Sales and Leadership. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.  ideas worth spreading, lectures from different experts on various topics. The Youth Peace Initiative (YPI) is a young and dynamic organisation that facilitates youth in conflict areas to participate in the peace process. It does so by organising international conferences, currently focussing on Israeli and Palestinian youth as well as young Syrians that live in The Netherlands. Additionally, YPI sets up lectures for Dutch and international youth in the Netherlands to engage with peace issues. Idealist is all about connecting idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration.

With more than 120,000 organizations and 1.4 million monthly visitors to our English, and Spanish ( sites, Idealist helps people move from intention to action all over the world. Founded in 2009, AfterSchoolAfrica (aSA) is the go-to source for Young, Smart & Ambitious Africans, to explore capacity development Opportunities including local/international scholarships, competitions, funding & grants, youth events & conferences opportunities.

Our mission is to discover and propagate opportunities for young Africans to continually develop the capacity to succeed and make an impact as individuals and member of communities. Offers English course,and other extraordinary course Offers language school in Nottingham. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate.


Early online courses often emphasized open-access features, such as open licensing of content, structure and learning goals, to promote the reuse and remixing of resources. Some later online courses use closed licenses for their course materials while maintaining free access for students. UC Berkeley has a variety of free online courses, the website also includes some supplementary lectures, webcasts and RSS Feeds, making it easy to keep up with the topics.… Offers free online training on digital skills Offers unlimited access to high quality videos courses from a worldwide community of instructors on photoshop, illustrator or HTML Our mission is to create a diverse platform of opportunity for the youth so that they can easily access to their desirable and suitable opportunity from anywhere in the world. We are aiming to a strong contribution towards the environment and SDGs goal through sharing the opportunity information around the world. Free training cyber security Free online excel training Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

  • Discover tools to make your business succeed
  • Improve your interview skills
  • Prepare for the career you want Free online specialized courses. Free courses on programming. It is a Pakistani website in which one need to register to access the complete Free course contents, lectures and will receive guidelines via emails. After getting registered a person will be able to use Online Learning Management System (OLMS) to get the certificate/diploma in varieties of courses offered. This website offers online courses i.e. Information Technology, Engineering, Technical and Management related. After complete learning through Online Learning Management System, students will be awarded certificates and diplomas through Skill Development Council (SDC). It’s a website where the best teachers in the world and create high quality videos of them teaching. All of the teachers have Master’s degrees or Ph.Ds and years of teaching experience. They’re masters of their subjects and know where students make mistakes. Teachers here are said to be fun and engaging as they make math, science and other subjects easy to learn. This is good for high school students looking to ace their entrance examinations. It’s Created with the goal to provide a free online school, CosmoLearning (CL) is a non-profit educational website committed to improving the quality of homeschooling, teaching and To collect educational and cultural resources to create a free online school, empowering people with access to a world-class education at no cost.student excellence. With over 58 courses, students and teachers can grab skills and academic knowledge cutting across many disciplines. From How to paint your room to how to deal with depression. The topics range from teaching you how to be a boss at video games, arts and crafts, money, to love and relationships etcetera. Awesome wealth of knowledge here. This is a free online platform that enables one learn and build top management and business skills. Tutorials Point originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms.

The journey commenced with a single tutorial on HTML in 2006 and elated by the response it generated, we worked our way to adding fresh tutorials to our repository which now proudly flaunts a wealth of tutorials and allied articles on topics ranging from programming languages to web designing to academics and much more. Each course includes a full set of class lectures produced in high-quality video accompanied by such other course materials as syllabi, suggested readings, exams, and problem sets. The lectures are available as downloadable videos, and an audio-only version is also offered. In addition, searchable transcripts of each lecture are provided. The Open Education Consortium in collaboration with MERLOT offers a search engine on OER (Open Educational Resources). OER are openly licensed online educational materials that allow teachers and students to freely use, share, and modify. General search yields results from the integrated database of the Open Education Consortium and MERLOT. Click on “OEC member courses only” to see courses and resources from the Consortium member institutions only. Courses: American English speech, anatomy and physiology, Arabic for global exchange, Biology, Chinese 1, causal and statistical reasoning. A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also painting, drama, any of the arts, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.