Community Project Planning

Community Project Planning

  Dates: 11-16 April 2021   Price: € 650 Would you like to raise your company’s name and community? Or maybe make profit yet humanize your brand? Take your business into a whole new level? So that’s course is for you! You will learn, step by step, how to organize your community project from A … Read more

Study in Europe

Education in Europe

See in Arabic   Dates: 11-16 April 2021   Price: € 650 Have you ever considered to obtain a Master’s Degree in any European city? Would you like to learn more about scholarships from European universities for Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.? Are you thinking about continuing your education in Europe and particularly – in the … Read more

Raising Effectiveness of the Organization: Lean Six Sigma Training for NGOs

Lean Six Sigma

  Dates: 11-16 April 2021   Price: € 650 Lean Six Sigma is the methodology that allows NGOs to raise effectiveness. The successful implementation of the Lean Six Sigma tools can allow an organization to produce more results with the same amount of resources. Lean Six Sigma methodology is widely used by the largest international … Read more