Agriculture Management

Agriculture Management

Dates: 24 – 29 October 2021  Price: € 650 The Netherlands is the capital of agricultural innovations! Are you interested in agriculture management and would like to improve your skills in this area? Join our Agriculture Management course in Amsterdam! Whether you wish to manage a big agricultural enterprise or small farming business, continue studying … Read more

Leadership Skills Development

 Dates: 24 October 2021 – 21 November 2021 (4 weeks) 24 October 2021 – 07 November 2021 (2 weeks) 07 – 21 November 2021 (2 weeks) Price: from € 1290 Are you a student or a young professional? Are you eager to become a Global Leader in the near future? Join the Leadership Skills Development … Read more

Study in Europe

Education in Europe

See in Arabic Dates: 26 September 2021 – 1 October 2021  Price: € 650 Have you ever considered obtaining a Master’s Degree in any European city? Would you like to learn more about scholarships from European universities for Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.? Are you thinking about continuing your education in Europe and particularly – in … Read more

Project Management for Youth Organizations


Dates: 24 – 29 October 2021  Price: € 650 We invite you to join the course on Project Management for Youth Organizations in Amsterdam! During the course, participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of project management. They will learn how to write a project charter, how to determine project objectives, and how to … Read more

Professional English Speaking and Writing Workshop

 Dates: 26 September 2021 – 1 October 2021  Price: € 650 Do you speak English but make mistakes and feel unprofessional? Do you have or plan a job that requires speaking fluent English? Do you know English grammar but still get confused by certain more complicated rules? Then this program is for you! In today’s … Read more