Tailor-made courses

πŸ“… Dates: Any
πŸ“ Location: Amsterdam or Online
πŸ”– Price: Discussed Individually

Are you an individual or a group who are interested in study programs in the topic where we do not have a course available on the website? Or you have found a course that suits you on our website, but dates are not perfect for you? Then you are welcome to email us and ask if we can offer you the course on the topic of your choice and on the dates that are convenient for you.

In addition to regular programs that are published on the website, we also offer tailor-made programs – group and individual. You can choose the topic and the dates of the program by tour own – we are flexible about that! We can offer tailor-made programs either in our venue in Amsterdam or online.

During the programs in Amsterdam, we can offer you the accommodation, lectures, visits to the organizations related to the field of your interest and of course – cultural program! We can combine various blocks within one program, including studies and sightseeing – within Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.

You might have very specific interest in a particular professional field and willing to visit the organizations of that area and create networks. We might be able to offer the program where you will be able to do so! We work with a large pool of specialists and if you need someone who can cover very specific topics – in most of the cases we will be to find that specialist.

Duration of the programs can be flexible. We can offer tailor-made programs for any period between 3 and 90 days. Most of tailor-made programs continue 1–2 weeks.

Why Tailor-made Program?

  • To study the topics, you want to learn
  • To have the course on the dates that suit you the most
  • To visit the organizations that you are interested in
  • To network and find partners for your future work
  • To visit the most beautiful places in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands in general
  • To have unforgettable unique experience in Amsterdam!

How to Apply?

If you are interested in a Tailor-made program, please send us the following information:

  • How many people will join the program? Tailor-made programs can be organized for 1 person or for groups.
  • What are the topics you would like to learn?
  • Which additional activities you would like to have during the program? Excursions, trips to other cities etc.
  • Approximate dates when you would like to have the program
  • Your budget
  • Information about participants – background, nationalities etc

Please email this information to netherlandsinstitute@gmail.com and indicate β€œTailor-made Programs” as the topic. Based on this information, we will generate an offer.