Training Center in Moscow

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All our courses in Moscow are conducted in our own training center in Moscow!

Our training center in Moscow is a modern comfortable place where participants can have sessions and live at the same time!

The training center is located in the south of Moscow – so-called area of New Moscow.

Our training center in Moscow is a unique venue which was constructed from a family house. We use the concept of a family house to create a family comfort for participants of our event. We hope every participant will feel like home and will enjoy the stay. Moreover, we hope such an environment can be great for meeting new partners and thinking together about common projects. The family environment contributes to closer cooperation between participants of our projects.

The training center consists of a house of a total size of 400 sq m and in addition to that has a private garden which can be used for outdoor activities, sport or yoga in the mornings. We have a BBQ place in the garden as well. Sometimes as one of the meals during a day we offer BBQ to participants (with vegetarian alternative for vegetarians). There is also a roof terrace which can be used during warm weather.

The building consists on bedrooms where participants are accommodated, large living room that can be used by participants, classroom (with chairs, beamer, market board and other necessary materials for conducting the trainings) and fully equipped kitchen. Usually during our courses we provide meals but if participants are willing to use the kitchen – they are welcome to do so. Living room in addition to the couch has also a fire place which is a great place for getting together in winter. There are also board games and musical instruments in a living room that could be used by participants during free time! We have an electric piano, guitar, djembe (brought from South Africa), didgeridoo (brought from Australia) and few other items which are fun to use!

In addition to that, we have Jacuzzi in the training center, terrace and just a great atmosphere! We’ll make sure you’ll love your stay here!

For lovers of healthy lifestyle we have a small gym with few machines you can use to be in shape during your stay! Trust us – the food we provide during the courses is delicious and if you do not want to gain a few extra kilos – you’re welcome to use the gym!

Yes, you might expect a sauna if you come to Russia! That we don’t have yet! But if there will be a high demand for that we might build one soon!

Location – the training center can be reached from the airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo within 1,5-2 hour drive (depending on traffic) or within just half an hour drive from the airport Vnukovo.

You can reach the city center within 1-2 hour drive (depending on traffic) or within similar time via public transport. The stop of public transport is only 3-5 minutes walk from the training center.

When the training center is free from courses that we conduct it can be rented for events and other training programs. We can also arrange transportation, catering and other needed services. If you are interested in renting the training center for your party, course, the program of corporate education or any other event – please feel free to contact us.

You can see the photos of the training center. If you would like to have more information about the training center – you are welcome to contact us.