Who are virtual assistants? Imagine you have staff who works for you from another location. You never meet them in person but have regular contact via email, skype or phone calls. They do all the work you assign for them and do everything what your regular employees do with the оnly difference – you never meet them in person! What is the advantage of having such virtual assistants? You receive highly qualified employees for much less payment than your usual staff and you save other costs as well – on office space, lunch breaks etc. To virtual assistants you pay only for the actual working hours spent on the work they do for you.

Who might need virtual assistants? Do you work in a company and looking for someone who could provide quality customers support for fair price? Then you can have a full-time virtual assistant who will take care of all your communication with customers online or via phone. Are you a start-up and looking for someone who can make a good website for your new business but you do not want to pay huge amount to web-design companies? Then a talented virtual assistant who has a great experience in making websites can make one for you. Are you looking for someone for a short-term or a long-term project? Are you looking for a translator? Do you need an IT-specialist who knows one of the rarest programming languages for a project? Or do you want to hire a project manager for a one-time event? For all those situations, you can invite a virtual assistant who will provide the high-quality work for very attractive rates!

We offer virtual assistants who can do the work in pretty much any field where the work can be done remotely. Focus on your core business and outsource additional tasks. With virtual assistants, you do not need to tight yourself by an employment contract and then experience difficulties if the nature of the work changes when you have to stop employment of your staff. With virtual assistants you only invite a person for one particular job/task and do not need to sign long-term contracts.

Our virtual assistants are qualified professionals from different countries. Mostly we work with Eastern European countries but we have network in other regions as well and for some projects invite specialists from those regions too. We work with the large pool of specialists who can offer their services in the field of administrative work – preparing databases, analyzing documents etc. as well as in the field of specialized professional work – IT, legal services, financial analysis etc. Our virtual assistants are professionals with the experience of work and in almost all cases – university degree. Some of them have PhD and MBA. We can find the right person for you who will be able to do the work with the highest quality!

In today’s dynamic world it is difficult to predict which specialists you might need tomorrow. Virtual assistants are a great alternative to long-term employment contracts.

We are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We offer the services of virtual assistants to the companies in the Netherlands but as our assistants are…virtual we are also happy to offer their services to companies in any other country!