Do you share our values and would like to become a member of our team? Join us as a volunteer!  Learn more about Volunteering in The Netherlands Education Group!


WANTED: Mentor

It is valuable to meet professionals who have leadership or entrepreneurship experience and could share some tips. We invite professionals to share their experience to become Mentors at our programs!


Volunteer Authors of the Course

Are you a professional in a particular field who would like to share the knowledge and skills with talented youth from around the globe? The Netherlands Education Group can offer you such an opportunity!

Image entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs! Share your stories!

Are you an entrepreneur who just started or spent years running a successful business? Tell us about your journey from the moment you got an idea of the business until the moment you started the business!

Student Buddies

Participants usually travel for the period of the course to the country where education is taking place. However, their study experience is not exhaustive if they do not have the possibility to meet local people and communicate with them in an informal environment. And that is why we invite Student Buddies to join the program!