Welcome to the Netherlands Education Group!

We offer innovative education in the field of business and personal development! We organize short-term courses that help you to acquire key soft skills for the development of your career in a global world!

We provide education that helps our students to develop their personal and professional skills in order to be successful in their current and future career!

The world around us changes rapidly! In order to be successful and stay at the same level tomorrow one should always be aware of the newest developments of social and economical trends. We offer short-term courses where within few days (and some times – up to few weeks) you can learn about the modern tools for the raising the effectiveness of organization or personal effectiveness, latest trends in a chosen field.

The Netherlands Education Group designs and conducts short-term courses for talented individuals from all over the world who want to develop global career at international level. In our programs we combine the theory with practice – we often include visits to companies and organization in the program in order to give a better idea about the work in a particular area.

Our programs are open for participants from any countries. We do not have any age or geographical limits! We invite people who are interested in making a big step in the developing of their professional skills to join our programs!

We help young people to accelerate! We encourage them to set up high goals and provide tools to reach those goals!

Join our courses! Uncover your potential!

In addition to educational programs we offer the service of virtual assistants and corporate education! You can read in more details about them on the relevant pages of the website!